NY Times is mocked online for anti-capitalism crossword clue for Greed

New York Times is mocked for ‘ridiculous’ crossword clue for ‘GREED’ which they say is a ‘vice encouraged by capitalism’

  • The NY Times received backlash online for using the clue ‘vice encouraged by capitalism’ for the answer ‘greed’ on Tuesday’s crossword puzzle
  • Many criticized the Times for stoking anti-capitalism while at the same time profiting off the system as it charges $6.95 a month for access to the puzzles
  • Some mocked the Times’ suggestion that other economic systems, like socialism, are not encouraged by greed
  • Last week, the Times garnered criticism over its takeover of Wordle, which many players said has gotten too hard with obscure words 

The New York Times was slammed online over a crossword puzzle hint for the word ‘greed’ as they referred to it as a vice linked to capitalism. 

On Tuesday’s crossword, the Times had the clue ‘vice encouraged by capitalism,’ to which the answer was greed, causing an uproar as people accused the paper for stoking anti-capitalism sentiments while at the same time profiting off the system.

On Twitter, journalist Clifford May, a former Times writer, tweeted, ‘Years ago, when I worked there, it was a great newspaper. If it stays on the current trajectory it won’t be a newspaper at all. Just another propaganda outlet.’

Another Twitter user with the handle name Charlie wrote, ‘NY Times charges for their crossword puzzle. Is that an example of capitalist greed,’ referring to the company charging $6.95 for its crossword puzzle subscription.

The New York Times received backlash online for a clue on Tuesday’s crossword puzzle that referred to ‘greed’ as a ‘vice encouraged by capitalism

Many called out the Times for taking a shot at capitalism while also benefitting from it

Aaron Smith, another Twitter user, echoed the apparent hypocrisy, writing, ‘Fun fact: The NYT is a capitalist undertaking.’ 

Others went on to mock the paper for the clue, with Twitter user Clifford Asness writing, ‘Seriously NYT? The ridiculous opinion pages aren’t enough for you?’

Jonah Goldberg, editor-in-chief of The Dispatch, also weighed in on the crossword and what it suggested, tweeting, ‘Fun fact: in socialist and subsistence economies no one is ever greedy for anything.’ 

A Twitter user with the name Tim Harder also joined in on the mockery, writing, ‘Yes, it’s well known that prior to capitalism, absolutely no one was greedy, ever. It’s really quite amazing that so many ancient languages have a word for ‘greed,’ given that it didn’t exist.’

Some have even said they’ve ended their subscription to the Times over the crosswords. 

One Twitter user with the handle name Skipping Stone Travels wrote, ‘Simply could not stomach it anymore. I canceled my subscription yesterday.’ 

Emily DeArdo, another Twitter user, wrote, ‘And that’s why I don’t do their puzzles anymore. More and more they’re like this.’ 

Many also mocked the Times, while others said they canceled their subscriptions

It’s the second time this month the paper has garnered criticism over its world puzzles after user complained about its handling of Wordle last week. 

Wordle, which only offers one puzzle per day to keep fans hooked, has amassed millions of players since it came online last October. It was created by New York based Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle for his girlfriend Palak Shah, who loves word puzzles.   

Fans have been complaining that the game has become ‘too difficult’ since the US newspaper took over, with previous answers like ‘caulk’ and ‘agora’ branded too niche for most players, with one answer last week causing many players to lose their win streak.   

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