Ohio State University Students Get A Surprise On Campus For Finals Week — A Bacon Vending Machine

Ohio State University students will have a little help to get them through finals week — bacon, straight out of a vending machine.

As USA Today reported, the university is temporarily housing a bacon vending machine on campus for the next week as part of a fundraiser sponsored by Ohio State’s Meat Science Club. The machine is packed with strips of cooked bacon and bacon bits donated by Smithfield, Hormel, and Sugardale.

“The Bacon Vending Machine is a unique and fun way for the Ohio Pork Council to support Ohio State students and promote the pork industry at the same time,” said Ohio Pork Council’s President-Elect Dave Shoup, (via Fox 28 Columbus).

The university’s Meat Science Club is certainly getting a boost with its fundraiser. The bacon vending machine has attracted some national attention, with a number of major news outlets featuring the unusual snack option.

This has been a great week for bacon lovers. According to Business Insider, the fast-food chain McDonald’s is planning to add a new bacon-heavy item to their menu within the coming months — french fries smothered in melted cheese and bacon.

The bacon fries will be added over the course of the next year, but a company spokesperson couldn’t tell Fox News exactly when it would be taking place.

“At this moment, our kitchens are bacon-ing something together. But we’re not yet ready to share the gouda news,” she said.

The bacon fries have already been tested in some locations in Hawaii and Northern California, reported Nation’s Restaurant News. Other fast food chains have introduced similar menu items, including Wendy’s which has been selling smothered bacon fries for the last year or more in most locations.

As Fox News noted in a 2015 report, fast food chains have started to go all-in on bacon products, introducing a number of new bacon cheeseburgers and allowing customers to add bacon to existing sandwiches.

“Yup, 2006 called and it wants this food trend back,” the report noted. “Ok, bacon is undoubtedly delicious but does it still need to be everywhere? America’s burger chains think so. Of 37 burgers introduced in recent months, a little under half were topped with some kind of bacon. Many touted their porcine product as applewood or hickory smoked, according to Eater, while both Wendy’s and McDonald’s focused on strip thickness.”

Ohio State University students who want to get their bacon fix during finals week can find the bacon vending machine in the Environmental Sciences’ Animal Science lobby. The will need to hurry, however, as it will go away on December 13, after finals are over.

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