Pair of world's smallest and rarest cat are born in British sanctuary

Purrfect delivery! Tiny pair of world’s smallest and rarest species of cat are born in British animal sanctuary

  • Pair of rusty-spotted cats were born at animal sanctuary in Lanreath, Cornwall
  • The rare small cats measure 13in to 19in and are no bigger than mice when born 
  • Staff at Porfell Wildlife Park don’t know genders of the eight-week-old cats yet

A pair of the world’s smallest and rarest species of cat have been born at an animal sanctuary in Cornwall.  

One of the adorable rusty-spotted cats was spotted for the first time snuggling up to its protective mother at Porfell Wildlife Park near the village of Lanreath.

The rare animals, which only measure around 13in to 19in in body length and at birth are no bigger than mice, are part of the Rusty Spotted Cat Conservation Breeding Programme.  

A pair of rare rusty-spotted cats were born eight weeks ago at Porfell Wildlife Park, in Cornwall

Staff are delighted at the chance to help protect and raise the cute cubs which are normally native to India and Sri Lanka.

The genders of the fluffy eight-week-old cubs are not yet known.   

A spokesperson said: ‘Last summer we had the opportunity to take on a pair of rusty-spotted cats, had an enclosure spare and were excited to have something so rare. 

‘To our understanding we are estimating that there are only around 50 of this species being kept in captivity across the world.

The animal sanctuary believes there are only around 50 of the species being kept in captivity

The babies were seen for the first time snuggling up to their protective mother. It is not yet known what their genders are

‘The pair came from the Feral – Wild Animal Project run by Todd Dalton and are part of a breeding program.

‘They are coming up to eight weeks old and have been well looked after by mum.

‘We are unsure of their gender as she’s so protective and doesn’t let us too near.

‘They have only recently been spotted out of their den and seem to be getting more curious each day.

‘They both seem very healthy and have started to show a little bit of personality.

‘They’ve been giving our very small team a lot of joy during all this uncertainty and put a smile on our faces each morning.’

The coronavirus lockdown has left the sanctuary facing financial problems and they are appealing for help via their GoFundMe page. 

Just 14 inches long with kittens weighing less than an egg: India’s mysterious rusty-spotted cat is the smallest wild feline on Earth 

Very little is known about the rare rusty-spotted cat species

Rusty-spotted cats are the smallest wild cat species in the world and very little is known about the cats and their lives.  

Their bodies are smaller than a domestic cat and their spotted grey and reddish brown fur is short and soft. 

The rare animals are typically found in India, Sri Lanka and some parts of Nepal. 

Some have been found living in abandoned houses in southern India and some mothers have been found creating dens in a tea plantation in Sri Lanka. 

Not much is known about how the animals live but they are believed to be nocturnal and have a diet mainly consisting of small animals, such as rodents and frogs.  

The cats typically give birth to a litter of one to three kittens and the newborns weigh less than an egg and are born without the distinctive spotting.

Due to their markings, they are often mistaken for cubs of the leopard and are hunted for their skin and meat but the biggest threat to the species is deforestation.  

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