Primark shopper claims she was sold 'a dead man's T-shirt' after finding name tag inside… and demands £1.50 refund

A PRIMARK shopper has claimed she was sold a dead man’s T-shirt by the high street giant after she found a name tag attached inside.

Cassie bought the £1.50 plain white tee when she was starting a new job in May this year from the store on Princes Street, Edinburgh.

But after wearing the size M slim fit shirt once she says she found a strange tag with a man's name attached to the Primark label.

She explained in a TikTok video: “Ok so I have to talk about something for a hot minute.

“Basically I bought this T-shirt from Primark. I got it just when I was starting work so this was in May or so.

“When I wore it I was like 'oh there's an Itchy tag' so I look at it and there's a f**king name – Thomas Hay, Fraserburgh, Brucklay.

“So I didn't think much of it. I thought someone had just dodgily returned a top back to Primark and I had been unfortunate to buy it.

“But then my friends were around the other day and they were looking through a bag of clothes that I was going to throw away.

“They pulled out the white top and I said ‘oh my god that top, I haven't told anyone’.

“Them being alot more clever than me, they said Google it.

“So we Googled his name – dead man. I also googled the hospital on the little tag – it's a dementia ward.”

According to a death notice on Family Announcements, Mr Hay died in the Brucklay ward of Fraserburgh Hospital on March 14 2020 at the age of 85.

Cassie is now asking Primark to investigate why, and how, she ended up with the tshirt belonging too the former fisherman – and is asking for her £1.50 to be refunded.

She continued: “Like this is attached to the Primark label.

“I just want to know why did Primark send me a dead man’s T-shirt and what do i do with it.

“This is from the Primark on Princes street in Edinburgh – I've never been to Fraserburgh in my life.”

TikTok users rushed to the comments of the video to help crack the confusing case.

One woman wrote: “Maybe it was bought and tagged with his name and then he passed before he got to wear it so it was returned?”

Meanwhile another eagle-eyed user spotted that the t-shirt was supposed to have been sold in 2019 – two years before cassie’s purchase.

They said: “Tag also has SS19 which means it was from spring summer collection 2019.”

The Sun Online has approached Primark for comment.

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