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Rape victim tells women to remember her boyfriend's face 'as one day he'll kill someone'

A MUM who was raped and choked by her ex has warned women to remember his face – because "one day he will kill someone."

Brave Kate MacKinnon, 33, waived her right to anonymity after serial sex pest Stefan Scott, 26, was caged after abusing SIX women.

The sicko was handed a 12-year sentence after violently raping three of his victims – including Katie.

She told the Daily Record: "Not only was he raping me, he was choking me until I thought I was going to die.

"More than once I thought, ‘This is it, I’m taking my last breaths. I’ll never see my kids again’.

"When he gets out, the first thing on his mind will be to get another woman under his power and, if he succeeds, one day he will kill someone.

"Women need to look at his face and remember it, and remember his name, because he will be out, and he’ll only be in his 30s, and there’s only one thing he wants women for. He’s not interested in affection.

"He just wants rough, violent sex and he gets his biggest high from choking you."

"He hates women and will kill one day if he gets the chance. He should have been locked up for life."

Scott was convicted at the High Court in Glasgow of 23 charges of rape, assault and abusive behaviour committed between December 2010 and June last year in Perth, Pitlochry and Dundee.

Trial judge Lord Burns said the rape attacks where Scott choked his victims were "especially serious".

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