RNC 2020: Viral candidate Kim Klacik tells Dems, ‘We’re not going to take it’

Kim Klacik, the Baltimore congressional candidate whose rebuke of Democratic leaders in big cities across America went viral last week, repeated the charge in Monday’s opening night of the Republican National Convention, giving a full-throated endorsement of President Trump.

“They [Democrats] have run this beautiful place right into the ground,” said Klacik. “Abandoned buildings, liquor stores on every corner, drug addicts, guns on the street that’s now the norm in many neighborhoods.

“Sadly, the same cycle of decay exists in many of America’s Democrat-run cities.”

Klacik, who is black, caught the eye of GOP leaders last week with a viral campaign video in which she led a tour of “the reality for black people” in Baltimore.

“The Democrats still assume that black people will vote for them, no matter how much they let us down and take us for granted,” Klacik continued Monday night. “We’re sick of it. We’re not going to take it anymore.

“The days of blindly supporting the Democrats are coming to an end.”

Klacik particularly took aim at Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“Joe Biden believes we can’t think for ourselves — that the color of someone’s skin dictates their political views. We’re not buying the lies anymore. You and your party have neglected us for far too long.”

The alternative, she said, is clear.

“We want safety in our neighborhoods. … We want lower taxes. We want school choice,” Klacik said. “We want a chance to get ahead, not just get by! That’s what President Trump promised, and that’s what Trump delivered!

“I’m asking you to help President Trump complete this great American comeback, and then I’m asking you to help this great Baltimore comeback.”

The portrayal of American cities ground down into hubs of crime, drugs and disrepair echoed the message in Klacik’s viral campaign ad.

“The Democrat Party have betrayed the black people of Baltimore. If the politicians walk the streets like I do, they would see exactly how their policies and corruption affects us,” Klacik said in the video, highlighting “crumbling infrastructure, abandoned homes, poverty and crime.

“It’s not just Baltimore, the worst place for a black person to live in America is a Democrat-controlled city,” continued Klacik, who is black. “It’s 2020, name a blue city where black people’s lives have gotten better. … Black people don’t have to vote Democrat.”

Klacik is running against Rep. Kweisi Mfume, a former president of the NAACP who in April won a special election for the seat vacated after the death of Rep. Elijah Cummings.

The video earned Klacik the support of Trump who has frequently blamed Democrat leadership for problems in major cities across the nation, including Baltimore — as well as an invite to the RNC.

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