Sadiq Khan reveals 'brilliant' iPad tube art as part of £7m campaign

‘Looks like a seven-year-old won a competition’: Twitter users MOCK David Hockney’s Piccadilly Circus art fronting £7m ‘Let’s do London’ tourism campaign… and prove THEY can do better

  • Sadiq Khan unveiled the work of renowned artist David Hockney, 83, on Twitter
  • But social media users were quick to poke fun at his post with their own designs
  • Thousands of people questioned the display which looks to be an iPad sketch
  • New artwork is part of re-elected mayor’s £7 million ‘Let’s Do London’ campaign 

An eye-catching art project commissioned by re-elected London Mayor Sadiq Khan has left social media users scratching their heads.

The new artwork, produced by world renowned British artist David Hockney, 83, is part of Mr Khan’s new £7million tourism campaign to encourage sightseers back to the capital as Covid restrictions ease.

Referring to the artwork, Mr Khan, who was re-elected after seeing off Conservative rival Shaun Bailey in last week’s mayoral election, promised there would be ‘lots more to come very soon’. 

But the plan may have backfired, as thousands of Twitter users were left dismayed at the unveiling of the ‘brilliant’ piece that will take centre stage at Piccadilly Circus tube station. 

Re-elected London Mayor Sadiq Khan shared this tweet of world famous artist David Hockney’s new display that will feature in Picadilly Circus Tube Station

But social media users struck back at the newly commissioned artwork, sharing their own creative and kooky efforts at redesigning the iconic tube station signs

Others joked that they would like to see their own attempts commissioned by the recently re-elected mayor

Mr Hockney’s new artwork is the first in a series of commissioned pieces that come under Mr Khan’s £7million ‘Let’s Do London’ campaign. Pictured: A Twitter user’s own design

The ‘Let’s Do London’ campaign, announced by Sadiq Khan in the aftermath of his recent election victory, has been dubbed the ‘biggest’ domestic tourism effort the capital has ever seen.

As part of the £7million splurge, Mr Khan gave the green light to David Hockney’s latest yellow and purple artwork which will be displayed throughout one of London’s busiest tube stations.

Mr Khan tweeted: ‘Brilliant work from David Hockney in Piccadilly – the first of a series of major art projects we’ve commissioned as part of our brand new Let’s Do London campaign.

‘Lots more to come very soon!’ 

Twitter users poked fun at Mr Khan’s tweet proclaiming the ‘brilliant’ new artwork that will be shown in Piccadilly Circus tube station

Other creative examples included a rework of the classic Oxford Street tube station, while the Hammersmith & City line was also given a once over by Twitter users

The £7million Let’s Do London campaign has been dubbed the capital’s ‘biggest ever domestic tourism campaign’. Pictured: One Twitter user’s satirical take on Cockfosters tube station

But social media commentators were less than impressed with the internationally renowned artist’s latest piece – with some comparing it to something their children might have produced.

Daniel Moore said: ‘I like some of Hockney’s stuff, especially his photography but this looks like a 7-year-old won a competition.’

Freddie Collier wrote: ‘If you had said this was a children’s competition to redesign the logo and this was the winner I’d have equally believe it.’ 

Social media users were less than impressed with the new artwork that will be displayed in Piccadilly Circus tube station

Others tried to create their own masterpieces, while some people questioned the decision to hand a commission to a wealthy artist with no obvious connection to London.

Ben Stephens said: ‘Ah it’s a shame London isn’t packed with creative artists who’ve had a really tough year and could’ve used both the money and exposure this would provide, while also being a brilliant showcase for the city’s diversity, pride and passion.’ 

While @lessgrumpy replied: ‘He’s from Bradford and has lived in LA since 1964. What’s his relevance to London? Give the commission to a young London artist.’  

Labour incumbent Mr Khan formally signed in for a second term on stage at Shakespeare’s Globe earlier this week, as he unveiled the £7 million ‘Let’s Do London’ campaign as an immediate priority 

And some were left wondering if this was the best use of resources considering the recent surge in knife crime in the capital. 

@holdenlily said: ‘Lovely, so much more important than reopening police stations or putting more police on the streets. Or any other initiative that would make us Londoners feel safe in our city.’ 

Even Specsavers felt the need to comment on the now viral tweet, simply posting: ‘See me’ 

The newly commissioned piece was the first in a series of major art projects promised by the Labour mayor. 

Funding for the Let’s Do London campaign comes from a £6million boost from City Hall, with a further £1million in investment from London’s cultural and creative industries.

Some Twitter users questioned the decision to hand a commission to a rich artist with no obvious connection to London, as others wanted to see a larger police presence in the capital

Mr Khan wrote in Metro: ‘ As Mayor, I’m firmly committed to leading from the front when it comes to coordinating and driving our recovery. 

‘I’m making jobs a top priority for my second term, with my administration determined to do everything in its power not only to protect employment, but to create the new and well-paid jobs that give families the security they need. 

‘This means banging the drum for London to attract jobs, tourism and investment to our city. And it means backing our businesses – large and small. 

‘Focused on providing immediate and vital support to our world-famous cultural, nightlife, retail and hospitality businesses, ‘Let’s Do London’ will seek to tempt domestic visitors – and Londoners – back into the heart of our city.’  

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