Schools reopening – what kids can and can't take with them as they go back to class

SCHOOLS will be opening their gates to pupils again from today, June 1, 2020.

But what will children be allowed to bring into school and what will they have to leave at home?

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What are kids allowed to take with them when schools reopen?

Lunch box

Yes children will be allowed to bring lunchboxes with them to school when they reopen.

Dr Jenny Harries said fears over lunch boxes spreading coronavirus were low.

She said: "The issue about lunch boxes is that they're quite personal to the child eating the lunch, and I can almost guarantee that one child won't want to eat the lunch of the one sitting hopefully two metres distance from them."

Pencil case

No, children will not be allowed to bring a pencil case into school when they reopen.

Dr Harries said that children are more likely to want to share a pencil case.

Instead, schools could provide clean pencil cases for children to minimise the risk of spreading the virus.

Water bottles

There has been no official guidance given on whether water bottles will be allowed to be brought into school by children.

Despite this, a few schools have said that pupils are allowed to bring in their own water bottles.

Woodgate primary school said on its website: "Water fountains will be unavailable. Children must bring a bottle of drink from home."

This sentiment was also shared by Ranskill primary school who said: "Water bottles can be brought into school daily," on its official website.


There has been no official advice from the government if children can bringtheir medication into school.

The government has said you should contact your specific school for additional information.

What are kids NOT allowed to take with them when schools reopen?

Children must not bring in any equipment from home. This includes:

  • Laptops
  • Stationery

These items will be provided by the school.

Although children are allowed to bring in healthy snacks they will not be allowed to bring in chocolates, crisps or sweets.

If you have any specific queries regarding your child, you should contact their school.

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