Shock moment pro-Palestine mob 'beats up' Jewish diners & Orthodox man is chased by car as ‘hate crimes’ probed

THESE are the shocking moments a group of Jewish diners was "beaten up"by a pro-Palestine mob and an Orthodox man was chased by a driver in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The alleged hate crimes are now under investigation, Mayor Eric Garcetti said on Thursday.

The video shows at least two people being attacked by a group outside of the Sushi Fumi restaurant just west of downtown Los Angeles.

Various clips surfaced of the alleged crimes, including one where a man was seen being thrown to the ground.

Another person then grabs a line divider pole that is sectioning off an outdoor dining area and swings it at the attackers.

The victim then tried to run away, before two others grabbed him and kicked and punched him before running off.

Another video heard a witness saying that a group of pro-Palestinian supporters were in a car before getting out near the restaurant.

"A group of Palestinians, about 30 of them, jumped out of a car and asked who was Jewish," the person said.

"Two guys said they were and they proceeded to beat them up."

Prior to the attack, Palestinian supporters were reportedly waving a giant flag and shouting anti-Semitic slurs through a megaphone from a vehicle.

"Somebody in one of the cars driving by started throwing glass bottles or glass cups at the tables and they shattered everywhere," an unidentified woman told KCBS-TV.

Following the violence, Mayor Garcetti took to Twitter, saying there is "no place for anti-Semitism, discrimination, or prejudice of any kind in Los Angeles. And we will never tolerate bigotry and violence in our communities."

"We as a city condemn last night's organized, anti-Semitic attack," he added. "Jewish Angelenos, like all residents, should always feel safe in our city."

City Councilman Paul Kortez called both of the attacks "unconscionable."

"We will never allow for anyone to strike fear into our hearts because we are Jews," he said in a statement. "We are not going to allow the violence in the Middle East to spill out onto the streets of Los Angeles.

"Everyone is entitled to express their opinion but never through violence," he added.

"Pro-Palestinian protestors cannot be allowed to viciously assault random people on the street because they happen to look or be Jewish."

The alleged attacks took place as violence continues to rise between Israeli military forces and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

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