Shocking moment doctor ‘strangles girl after confronting group of teens because they were not social distancing’ – The Sun

A DOCTOR has been arrested for allegedly strangling a black teen girl after confronting a group for not social distancing.

John Rademaker, a physician with Baptist Health in Kentucky, has been placed on administrative leave after shocking video emerged of the alleged attack.

He is accused of choking an 18-year-old girl on Friday evening in Louisville after being filmed by one of the group involved in the altercation.

The video was widely circulated on social media, although police have not confirmed it is Rademaker in the footage.

Local station WLKY was also sent the 59 second-long clip by one of the witnesses.

She said a couple had approached them in the park and used explicit language to express their disapproval of the teenagers being outside while coronavirus social distancing guidelines are in place, the station reported.

In the video posted on social media, an older white woman in green leggings is filming a group of girls, as her companion speaks with them, appearing to be telling them to leave the area.

The group of girls can be heard trying to placate a white male, telling him "we're leaving".

"Please, let's not cuss at each other," one of the girls can be heard to tell the man.

The man then points at somebody out of shot and says, "this asshole right here", before pushing one of the girls who has been trying to talk him down.

"Do not touch me," the girl tells him.

The video then shows the woman dressed in green leggings with her hand on a black teen, who is lying on the floor, and appears to be trying to retrieve the phone that she was filming the group with.

The older man walks over to the pair, and shoves a girl who is trying to help her friend, who is struggling to get up from the ground.

The man then forcefully pins the black teen to the ground as her friends scream at him to stop.

"The Louisville Metro Police Department has arrested John Rademaker in reference to an investigation stemming from a viral video at Norton Commons, Friday," police said in a statement.

"Mr. Rademaker faces a total of four charges to include: Strangulation 1st degree and Harassment with physical contact."

Police added: "LMPD did not release the video or 'blur' faces in this incident. "The viral video was well circulated. This is an on-going investigation and we simply cannot comment further."

Louisville has cracked down hard on those who violate self isolating, with a recent report revealing the city had ordered some residents who refused to comply to wear ankle monitors.

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