Shocking moment groom smashes wedding cake into bride's FACE

Have your cake and eat it! Shocking moment groom smashes wedding cake into bride’s FACE in TikTok prank users branded a ‘walking red flag’

  • Jade Kennedy on Sunday posted a video to TikTok of her wedding, saying that she and her husband were now ‘Mr and Mrs Price’
  • Her 11,000 followers reacted with anger, however, after her new husband was filmed taking a slice of their wedding cake and rubbing it in her face
  • Kennedy laughed it off, saying that it was all in good humor, but she was left standing in front of their guests cleaning the cake off her white dress 

A British bride has laughed off her new husband’s antics after he took their wedding cake and smashed it in her face.

Jade Kennedy posted a clip of her wedding on TikTok, sharing the moment with her 11,600 followers.

She said that she and the groom were now officially ‘Mr and Mrs Price’. In the clip, she is seen standing before their guests in her white gown.

Her new husband approaches their four-tier wedding cake, and cuts a large slice of what looks like a red velvet cake. He then approaches Kennedy, who looks on happily.

Kennedy waits beside him, but when he returns with the cake he smashes it in Kennedy’s face

It’s official we’re mr and mrs price❤️🥰 he got me back for doing it to him good and propa🙈🤣 love my arsehole of a husband all the world🤣🥰❤️ #fyp #fypシ #married #couplecomedy #funny #marriedlife #wedding

The pair tussle, and Kennedy ends up lying on the floor with cake in her face

He walks away, leaving his new bride with cake in her hair, on her face and on her dress

A guest helps a laughing Kennedy brush off the cake and clean herself off 

But instead of sharing the cake with her, he backs her into a corner and smears the cake on her face, even forcing her to fall down.

Kennedy, laughing, gets back to her feet amid gasps.

A friend in a black sequin dress helps her clean her face and wipe the cake off her dress – although large red stains remain.

Kennedy turned off comments on the video, which she caption: ‘It’s official we’re mr and mrs price.

‘he got me back for doing it to him good and propa.

‘love my a***hole of a husband all the world.’

She added the hashtags: ‘#married #couplecomedy #funny #marriedlife #wedding.’

Jade Kennedy shared a clip from her wedding day with her 11,600 followers on TikTok. Her new husband is initially seen cutting their cake

Kennedy defended her new husband, insisting that the cake incident was a funny prank

She brushed off criticism on social media, saying she found the situation amusing

When someone asked on another clip whether he apologized, she defended him.

‘No he didn’t I’m he’s wife he has no need to apologise over me and him having some fun on our wedding day! Mind ur own business!’

Another commentator called it a ‘major red flag’.

She replied: ‘How silly it was a laugh no red flags here.

‘no offence get a sense of humour.’

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