Six people dead after gunman opens fire in town centre

A gunman has killed up to six people in a German town centre after opening fire in a building.

The male shooter fired on members of his own family in the south western German town of Rot am See, Bild reported.

He has been captured after the attack unfolded in a building close to the train station.

Injured and dead lay inside and out the front of the building.

A large police presence responded to the incident shortly before 12.50pm.

Aalen Police force tweeted: "Larger police operation in Rot am See because there was shooting.

"Several injuries, probably dead in a building."

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Police suggested that the shooting was linked to a "personal relationship" and that there were no other suspects at this point.

They have ruled out the possibility of the killings being a terrorist attack, deutsch.rt reported.

The man is thought to be either 36 or 37-years-old.

Rot am See has a population of around 5,400 and lies 530km south west of the German capital Berlin. 

More to follow.

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