Skateboarder does somersault from top of ramp while spinning nunchuks

Skateboarder does a soaring somersault from the top of a ramp while spinning nunchuks

  • Cristian Ballesteros, 25, front flips off his skateboard while using nunchucks
  • He perfectly spins through air and lands while moving the martial arts weapon 
  • Skater completes cool move by bouncing off fence at Garvanza Skatepark in LA

This is the impressive moment a skateboarder pulls off a parkour-style flip while using nunchucks. 

The footage, captured at Garvanza Skatepark in LA, shows Cristian Ballesteros, 25, skating up a quarter-pipe ramp before performing a front flip. 

As he rolls in mid-air, Christian spins the martial arts weapon around before landing the jump perfectly. 

Cristian Ballesteros, 25, effortlessly front flips off his skateboard while using nunchucks during a cool trick filmed at Garvanza Skatepark in LA

The short clip shows Christian approaching the ramp at speed before ditching his board and going into a front-flip.

Christian makes sure to keep the nunchucks at arms length as he spins through the air and ensures his eyes are on them at all times.

After making a perfect turn he lands on his right foot then shows off skills by jumping towards the metal fence – all while still twirling the nunchucks.

He then bounces off the fences and spins around one more time before stopping to use the martial arts item.

After making a flip Christian shows off his skills by jumping towards the metal fence, while still twirling the nunchucks

‘I was just messing around with my friends, having fun, but I tried to mix parkour with martial arts and skateboarding at the same time,’ he explained. 

Nunchucks, or the nunchaku, are a traditional Okinawan martial arts weapon consisting of two sticks connected at one end by a short chain or rope.

They are widly used in karate as the item helps to develop people’s speed of hand movements.

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