Social media users go wild over rare number sequence 10.10 on 10/10

What will today’s alignment of ‘angel numbers’ mean for YOU? Social media users go wild over rare number sequence at 10.10 on 10/10

  • Angel numbers are a pattern or series of numbers that appear and have meaning
  • For example, if you see 10.10 or 1.23 then it could have a spiritual meaning 
  • The 10th day of 10th month is considered a ‘spiritually powerful’ day of the year 

People on social media are going wild over the rare angel number sequence 10.10am today, on the 10th day of the 10th month.

Today 10.10am on the 10th day of the 10th month is considered one of the most ‘spiritually powerful moments of the year’ and people are speculating about what it could mean for them.

Social media users say today’s angel number 1010 represents ‘doors opening and the potential for new beginnings’ and ‘reminds us that we always have the power to start over’.

Angel numbers are a pattern of numbers that may appear, for example when you look at an alarm clock and it shows 1.11pm or a receipt comes to £4.44, and many believe they have a spiritual meaning behind them. 

One of the most spiritually powerful moments of the year, happens today, at 10.10am on the 10th day of the 10th month

11.11 is the most common of all the angel numbers, and most people have come to see it as a sign that you can manifest (bring into reality) your dream life, according to Kyle Gray

Examples of angel numbers include repeating numbers like 111 or ones that appear in a certain sequence such as 1234, and many believe they have certain meanings behind them. 

So if you repeatedly see a series of digits – such as 999 or 333 on license plates, receipts, house numbers and clocks – they could be trying to tell you something. 

And each set of numbers conveys a different meaning, such as telling you to reflect on a situation, trust your instinct or start a new chapter in your life.

‘At those specific times, many believe that a gateway or vortex will be created, enabling us to feel the presence of our guardian angels,’ said Kyle Gray, author of Angel Numbers.

The origin of angel numbers can be linked back to the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who believed that numbers had ‘vibrational values’.

UK-based author Kyle Gray (pictured) has decoded the most meaningful ‘angel numbers’

However, the term ‘angel number’ became more popular in the 1970s, which saw a shift from religion to spirituality.  

Gray believes hat seeing these numbers is part of a subconscious desire to seek out recurring number patterns that are commonly seen as ‘signs’ from a higher power.

These signs help you to align your thoughts and energy towards living with more meaning, purpose and light, he said. 

Those who believe in the significance of these numbers even share their experiences on social media and ask for help from others to explain their meaning.

From trusting your gut to embracing change: What do your angel numbers mean? 


This is the biggie, the angel number of miracles! 1 is the number of oneness and 0 is the number of God/the universe. 

When you see 1 and 0 together in one line, I believe it’s a message of: ‘You are one with creation, you are one with God’ — an encouragement to usher in miracles and positive change to your life. 

It’s a brilliant sign for you to expect the unexpected and an invitation to think of the best possible outcome in anything that’s causing you concern, because positive influences are surrounding you at this time. 

Action: If you are worried about a particular situation, think of what can go right rather than what can go wrong. This is a time when you are invited to imagine and expect the best possible outcome imaginable. Tune into what brings you to a state of gratitude and trust that you are a magnet to miraculous solutions. 


The most common of all the angel numbers, most people have come to see it as a sign that you can manifest (bring into reality) your dream life. 11:11 is actually the message of ‘one, one, one, one’, which reminds us that we are all one and we’re also one with the Universe. In the moment you are seeing 11:11, you are infinitely connected to the abundant universe and connected to the totality of possibility. 

Action: If there’s a dream that you want to become a reality, think of it as your current reality. Imagine how it would feel; experience the joy this reality would bring. Trust that you are harnessing universal power to support your dream becoming real. 

1.23 or 12.34 

Numbers that move upwards in sequence such as 123, 234 or even 345 are all messages of elevation and improvement, confirming that your hard work is paying off and that you are moving forward. 

Action: Take time to reflect on the positive changes and growth you have made in your life. This angel number is all about milestones and seeing how far you’ve come. So if you’ve made any big life decisions or positive changes recently, it’s important to acknowledge your commitment because this will create even more opportunities and help you to keep progressing forwards. 


This number has been strongly associated with the presence of angels. When you see 444 or 4:44 it’s a message that you are surrounded, guided and guarded by the presence of angels who are helping you on your way. And the reason 444 is associated with angels? It’s because 4 is similar in look to the letter A and it’s like AAA for angels, angels, angels. 

Action: When you see this number it’s important to say, ‘Thank you angels’. It’s the ultimate message that you are not alone and that divine support is available to you. When you acknowledge that presence with a simple ‘thank you’, you welcome in spiritual support that will guide you.


This sequence brings the message of energy and influence — that you can make a difference to the lives of others and those around you. It’s a number that brings partnership, community and connection, inviting you to realise that you can improve the experience of those around you through your choices and your actions. 

Action: Ask yourself what you can do to make a difference in both your world and the wider world. How can you be more kind? How can you support those around you? As you action these questions, you also attract more of this goodness back towards you. 

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