Spring Breakers in Florida ignore coronavirus warnings to get wasted on the beach

1THE party isn't winding down any time soon at Miami Beach, as fun-seeking Spring Breakers shrug off the threat of coronavirus and arrest.

Their seaside frivolity continued as a South Florida leader said first responders should “voluntarily” becoming infected with the killer bug “and then develop immunity” in the community.

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Young holidaymakers are continuing to pour onto the sand and plunge into the waves despite an official mandate.

Social media is full of their escapades – including clips of some escaping the long arm of the law – as they enjoy time with their mates.

Florida's famed South Beach has been closed to prevent the killer bug's spread.

Miami Beach cops are ordering hundreds of college spring breakers and tourists off the popular destination due to coronavirus fears.

Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale have temporarily shut their beaches, where thousands of college Spring Breakers have flocked.

Both cities also ordered restaurants and bars closed by 10pm and to keep crowds below 250.

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said: "We cannot become a petri dish for a very dangerous virus, "Spring break is over. The party is over."

Several days ago, Miami Beach Commissioner Ricky Arriola told an emergency local meeting that its emergency workers should become infected with the coronavirus to develop antibodies.

He said: “Might we start thinking about – it’s dangerous but bold – our first responders voluntarily taking one for the team, going through the two weeks [quarantine]?

“Guys, we’ve got to be serious about this – and then developing the [herd] immunity?”

However, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said today that the state should brace for even more infections, as infections soared to 149, and several people have died.

And yesterday he again urged residents – particularly younger people on Spring Break – to exercise caution and refrain from gathering in crowds.

DeSantis said: “To have people congregating in these bars and beaches like this undercuts our efforts to protect our vulnerable population."

In a press release, the City of Miami Beach said yesterday: "As the number of positive COVID-19 cases continues to rise throughout the nation, the city is ramping up additional measures to curtail large crowds from gathering and encourage social distancing.

"Starting tomorrow in Miami Beach, non-essential businesses citywide will be required to close daily by 10pm until further notice.

"And the city is urging restaurants, bars and nightclubs to decrease their capacity by 50 percent to create social distancing.

"Additionally, there will be a complete closure of the beaches from Fifth to 15 streets until further notice.

"An 11pm to 5am curfew will also be enforced in the city’s entertainment district starting Monday, March 16."

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