Teacher shares simple coronavirus handwashing trick for children using a stamp – The Sun

A TEACHER has shared a simple hack to get kids washing their hands during the coronavirus outbreak.

Shauna Woods, a teacher at Hallsville Schools in Missouri, stamped students' hands at the start of the day, offering prizes to those who can wash the ink off by home time.

Shauna, 29, shared the coronavirus trick Facebook where it has been shared more than 85,000.

The teacher wrote: “We are doing our best in room 550 to keep the germs away.


“Students got stamps on their hands this morning. If it’s gone by the end of the day from washing their hands, they get a prize. We are trying.”

After one day of the test, Shauna said the school kids were scrubbing their hands multiple times a day in a bid to win the prizes.

She told Good Morning America: “It’s a fact of life that many kids are in close corners, interacting with one another all day.

I put the stamp on their hands and they were sold when I told them prizes were involved.

“They share many things, including germs. I’ve had a Mrs. Woods stamp for years and have used it to stamp my classroom books.

“I put the stamp on their hands and they were sold when I told them prizes were involved.

“Providing a visual reminder and incentive has boosted their hygiene regime. I even joined in on the fun and put a stamp on my hand to be their positive role model.”

Shauna is not the only one helping kids to stop spread germs during the coronavirus outbreak.

Another teacher in revealed her "genius" handwashing hack that cut her class' cleaning time in half.

Rachel Stroe of Farnborough in England says she gets her 30 students to line up at the sink where they each wet their hands and pump with soap while singing happy birthday.

They then go to the back of the line where rubbing the soap in to their hands.

By the time they get to the front of the line again they have washed their hands for more than 20 seconds so they can then rinse and dry with a paper towel.

Teacher Rachel said: "I'm hoping this will help some other teachers with getting it done quicker and more effectively and obviously safer.

"So good luck to us teachers fighting the coronavirus."

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