Ted Cruz 'invited his Harvard roommate to his Cancun family getaway' when he fled freezing Texas for Mexico sunshine

TED Cruz apparently didn't just go to Cancun with his family – he brought his college roommate along for the trip.

Texas Senator Cruz brought David Panton, his best friend forever and former roommate at both Princeton and Harvard Law, to the vacation spot.

Axios reported on Sunday that Panton accepted Cruz's invitation and flew to Mexico to join the senator's family vacation.

An aide for Cruz said he only invited Panton after Cruz planned the vacation last Tuesday.

Panton stayed at the Ritz-Carlton as Cruz went back home after facing public backlash.

Cruz and his family received plenty of backlash after they ditched their state where millions of people went without power and heat to fly to sunny Cancun.

Facing backlash, Cruz returned back to his state the next day, but his wife and kids stayed until Saturday.

Parents at Cruz's kids' school were furious and demanded the kids quarantine before returning to school.

Cruz also got slammed when he did return to the state and started giving out water, posting a photo of himself holding cases of Dasani while using the hashtag "TexasStrong."

He came under fire for the photo-op, with people still slamming him for leaving the state in the first place.

The Cruz family also came under fire for ditching their pooch, Snowflake, as the state dove into freezing temperatures.

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