The shocking economic divide between ­London and the rest of the UK has been exposed – The Sun

Mind the gap

THE shocking economic gulf between ­London and the rest of Britain is starkly exposed by new statistics today.

Our worst-off, least productive regions, which should have been boosted by extra funding, have instead been starved of it for 20 years while billions were poured into an already booming capital.

It is true that plenty of towns and cities outside London ARE thriving. But even there, transport is in a woeful state compared with the capital’s Tube, trains and buses. No wonder, when London has had three times as much transport funding as the rest of England.

It is great that the former Red Wall seats which handed the Tories power have forced them to prioritise our “left behind” regions.

But it remains scandalous that instead of increasing their productivity, Labour and Tory Governments let them fall even further behind.

That divide has become a chasm which our new Chancellor must close.

Air disaster

FLYBE’S collapse is a tragedy for its workers and those at airports reliant on it. But it is right that taxpayers did not bail it out.

The firm was badly run, was operating on a wing and a prayer and was finally ruined when coronavirus — which has now claimed its first life in Britain — suddenly destroyed demand.

Some of its routes are vital to the economy. Those can be subsidised and offered to rivals under public service rules. Others will be snapped up too if enough passengers make them viable.

But Labour’s call, for virtually any job losses anywhere to be rescued using public money, is the road to national ruin.

Pay scandal

FOR three years MPs and their rogue Speaker brought Parliament to its knees by refusing to honour the Brexit vote.

Some stuck two fingers up at their own Leave-voting electorates. And while many of the worst offenders were booted out in last December’s election, plenty on the Labour benches survived.

Now they are rewarded with a pay rise to nearly £82,000 a year. Inflation is just 1.8 per cent. Their hike is 3.1 per cent.

How can that be justified?

They all but destroyed the reputation of the Commons. Now they are sitting pretty on salaries three times the national average, plus perks galore.

Far too few are worth anything like it.


THE growing of lettuce in space is fantastic news for the historic manned Mars mission we may see within 15 years.

It means astronauts can munch fresh leaves, and maybe tomatoes and peppers, all the way to the Red Planet.

If they run out, there’s always Mars bars.

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