The winners of the Weather Photographer of the Year 2022 announced

Nature in all its glory: Stunning images of storms and skylines are among the winners of this year’s Weather Photographer Awards

  • Christopher Ison took home the Title Award for his incredible capture of Storm Eunice hitting the south coast
  •  The breathtaking photographs show the sheer power of nature and climate in the most vivid forms
  • At just 17-years-old, Eris Pil’s stunning photo of mammatus clouds wins him the Young Photographer Award

The winners of the Weather Photographer of the Year for 2022 have been announced, with breathtaking images of brutal storms and cascading frozen waterfalls taking the top prizes.

Of a shortlist of 22 images chosen from entries representing 119 countries Christopher Ison’s ‘Storm Eunice’ was selected as the overall winner for the Royal Meteorological Society’s prestigious competition.

The photograph led a celebration of talented photographers of all ages from all around the world, capturing weather and climate in their most vivid forms.

Ison’s spectacular photograph was captured at Newhaven, East Sussex in February as Storm Eunice hit the UK.

The title winner is Christopher Ison with ‘Storm Eunice’ taken in February as the storm hi Newhaven in East Sussex

The second prize went to Zhenhuan Zhou’s ‘Frozen’ for his breathtaking image of Niagara Falls

Ison said her realised that the storm would hit at the same time as the high tide would start to crash against the harbour wall. The talented photographer was well rewarded for his efforts in battling the storm with an incredible image capturing the water’s brutality.

‘When the storm was predicted and that it was carrying the first ever red warning for the south coast, I knew I had to find a spot to record it – this was going to be big!,’ he said.

‘I got there reasonably early to find many photographers already drenched in rain and seawater, standing very close to the harbour wall. I decided to head to high ground and slightly further away with my back to the weather. I was rewarded with a set of images I’m very proud of.’

Ison also said the judges loved that his photograph captured the power of nature, ‘reminding us how small and insignificant we are’ 

‘It conveys the dramatic movement and force of the sea together with the resistance offered by a man-made building. The detail in the giant wave with face-like structures penetrating from the water gives it an almost mystical feel,’ he said.

Third place goes to Emili Vilamala Benito’s for ‘Ghost Under the Cliff’. He took the stunning image on the cliff of Tavertet in Barcelona, Spain

The Young Weather Photographer of the Year 2022 award went to 17-year-old Eris Pil for his photograph ‘Mammatus Sunset’

The Young Weather Photographer of the Year 2022 was awarded to Eris Pil, from Pennsylvania in the US, who only just turned 17 this week. The young photographer captured the astonishing picture on an iPhone.

Eris said: ‘The sky was completely lit up in a way I had never seen before, like these beautiful backlit watercoulor clouds, displaying these spectacular mammatus clouds overhead. I love mammatus clouds; this was my first time ever witnessing them. I hope I have the opportunity to see them again.’  

The shortlisted images were also put out to a public vote, with almost 5,500 votes cast for the 22 finalists from 15 countries. The public’s favourite was ˜Departing Storm Over Bembridge Lifeboat Station’ by Jamie Russell from the Isle of Wight.

Jamie had been chasing showers and storms from west to east across the island in an attempt to capture some of the incredible rainbows. He reached Bembridge as the final shower departed and, in a panic, waded into waist-deep water, fully dressed, just to compose this scene. 

Shreya Nair’s ‘Tyndall Effect’ was the runner up for the Young Weather Photographer of the Year for the image taken in their backyard in India

The public’s favourite was Jamie Russell. He won for his ‘Departing Storm Over Bembridge Lifeboat Station’, taken on the Isle of White

With anybody now able to capture great photographs with the phone in their pocket, the mobile phone category has become hotly contested.

The judges said they were left in no doubt that the mobile phone winner should be Aung Chan Thar from Myanmar with ‘Sunset’.

Following an overcast and rainy evening, the sun appeared through the clouds and mist just in time for Aung to capture this beautiful sunset photo.

Aung said: ‘Due to the sun, the pagoda became brighter. The judges commented that the way the quality of the light affects the atmosphere is just lovely, and the metallic golds and yellows are carried on into the sky beautifully. The rising mists enhance the atmosphere around the road and the golden globe structure in the foreground. The sun disappearing behind the clouds also seems to form an interesting planetary relationship with the globe that adds to this late evening scene.

Mobile Phone Winner Aung Chan Thar took his image ‘Sunset’ on an overcast and rainy evening in Myanmar

Mobile Phone Runner Up Vince Campbell took his photograph ‘Scotch Mist’ on an overnight stop in Tarbet, Loch Lomond in Scotland on an early morning trek with his two dogs

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