These Celebrities Keep A Job And We Aren’t Mad At Them

Jobs in Hollywood aren’t always easy to come by.

The entertainment industry often ebbs and flows, leaving entertainers scrambling for their next big role while in-between projects. It’s not unusual to see our favorite stars take a break from the stage or big screen while they work on securing a new role, but some famous faces don’t need any downtime at all before they’re on to the next.

This is understandable, considering the world is facing a looming recession and experts are suggesting we take extra steps to protect ourselves. An August 2022 PwC report featured insights from hundreds of consultants they spoke with about the state of the workforce and the results were surprising. It showed that half of U.S. companies are reducing, or plan to reduce, headcount significantly. This doesn’t exclude the entertainment, since they have been facing pandemic-induced supply chain issues.

None the less, some celebs know how to keep the jobs flowing and we love to see it for them. Here are a few we’ve noticed are never not working.

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