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Thieves steal package meant for sick boy, then return it after learning about his condition

Two Washington women who stole a package from a house’s front porch returned the item after they learned it was meant for an autistic boy with a brain tumor, USA Today reports. 

Last Monday, the unidentified thieves were caught on Sergio Moreira’s doorbell camera taking two packages from his home — one of which was a replica WWE championship belt that Moreira customized for Timothy “Timmy” Vick Jr., a 5-year-old Delaware boy with autism who is scheduled to undergo surgery for a brain tumor. 

Following the incident, Moreira shared his story with local stations, and it eventually caught the attention of the two culprits, who returned to his home on Wednesday with Timmy’s package — and an apology. Moreira said he was sitting on his front porch that day when he recognized the car one of the women came in from Monday’s camera footage. 

“When I recognized them and they got out of the car, I looked in the car, the rest of the car, to see if anyone else was with them,” he recalled. “Yeah, I didn’t know what their intentions were. If they were driving up to confront me for putting them on the news or who knows?”

Moreira said the women instead apologized and told him they were homeless and suffering from drug abuse. 

“When I saw their faces, they were crying and they came and put the tote down, my guard went down and I realized what was happening,” he said. 

Moreira chose not to press charges against the thieves on the condition that they would seek help, but the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said police are still looking for the women. 

“While we are grateful that the suspects returned Timmy’s belts, we would still like to talk to them,” the sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post. “So if you know who they are, we are counting on you to also do the right thing and call or message the Edgewood Police Department.”

Timmy’s father, Timothy Vick Sr., told USA Today on Monday that his son, who was diagnosed with autism at 2 years old and a brain tumor last October, would often go to sleep with his WWE belt. 

“Timmy would not go anywhere without that belt,” he said. “Most kids have blankies, he had a belt.”

Though Timothy said he was initially upset by last Monday’s theft, he said the family is just relieved that the women returned his son’s most prized item. 

“Honestly, I’m extremely happy,” the father said. “It’s one of those things you always hear about, those crazy stories about people, and you never think it’ll happen to you. I’m still taken aback, to be honest.”

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