This $30M mansion for sale in Florida has its own moat and boat dock

Nothing ties a home together quite like a private moat. At least that’s what the design behind a $30 million mansion nestled in the town of Manalapan, Florida suggests.

Aside from bringing moats into the 21st century, this 15,000-square foot home sets a new standard for waterfront property. The grounds include 250 feet of waterfront land situated between the Intercoastal Highway and the Atlantic — a highly coveted location for real estate off Florida’s coast. Construction on the home finished just last year, and it is currently listed for $29.9 million.

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This modern masterpiece features an abundance of space, light, and glass elements that make it somewhat of a structural marvel. The moat runs alongside the property, allowing for grand views from nearly every room. The curb appeal continues on the patio with an almost crystalline pool, gazebo, and outdoor kitchen with a hibachi grill. Eager to explore this modern mansion’s greatest features? Scroll to see what makes this $30 million mansion in Florida a slice of paradise.

Full Transparency

Even from the outside, you can see the appeal of this waterfront home in its uninhibited views through towering windows that reach from the floor to the 26-foot ceilings. Some of the walls are even retractable or, in the case of the wine cellar, completely transparent, so you can see through to the vast sky and sea.

Glass elements like a floating staircase and delicate glass chandeliers appear throughout the interior as well. The glass elevator transports you between the massive two stories. The sheen of all the natural light on the Italian porcelain walls and floors adds to the bright and airy feel in the home.

But this transparent design isn’t exclusive to the Florida mansion. A home for sale at 730 S Galena St in Aspen, Colorado has similarly expansive windows and breathtaking views. It is currently listed for $100,000,000.

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Water, Water, Everywhere

If the massive moat wasn’t enough, this mansion in Florida also boasts numerous water features on top of its natural seascape. The large pool has a hot tub and an infinity edge that appears to spill out into the waterfront bay.

Seafarers could easily access their watercraft from their own private dock on the property. An outdoor shower is nearby to rinse off after a long day out on the waves.

The mansion located at 11 Island Ln. in Greenwich, Connecticut takes the beach life up to the Long Island Sound. Its waterfront property rivals the Florida mansion’s with a 280-degree waterfront view, two private beaches, and a swimming pool. This property’s current estimated price is $41,487,600 on Zillow.

The Suite Life

Space is not in short supply in this massive Florida abode. The home includes three kitchens, four lounges, seven terraces, and six bars across its two floors.

Upstairs, there are eight separate suites, all with their own grand features. The primary suite has its own lounge, midnight bar, and a sprawling terrace to take in an evening view. Sheer glass doors and glass chandeliers reappear in the two expansive walk-in closets.

If eight suites feels a bit too roomy, the mansion at 5247 N Invergordon Rd. in Paradise Valley, Arizona offers a more modest set of seven bedrooms… with 13 bathrooms and two guest houses for good measure. The home is currently for sale, with a listing price of $30,000,000.

Epic Movie Nights

Who doesn’t love a night at the movies? Well, the owners of this $30 million mansion can still have all the enjoyments of a movie theater without the premium price of popcorn.

The mansion comes complete with its own in-home theater, which is equipped with all of the modern-day movie theater essentials. Track lights illuminate two rows of 10 retractable lounge seats, each with their own cupholder.
Lakeside Manor, located at 144 Springfield Point Rd. in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, has a similar in-home movie viewing experience. The manor’s dark movie room holds 15 reclining leather seats. The home sold on October 10, 2022, for $12,300,000.

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