This fro-yo line created by a Black Woman will give you sweet joy and health benefits!

This week on Shop Essence Live, we talk to Ehime Eigbe founder of Sweetkiwi a frozen yogurt line that brings you health benefits as you enjoy the delicious flavors. Created by Ehime after a health scare, she believed a lifestyle change could be a natural solution however it was challenging to stick to her new eating lifestyle as she quickly learned healthy meant taste suffered. Desperate to make her lifestyle change more sustainable, she recreated her favorite treats so they were simultaneously decadent and indulgent but also nutritionally sound.

Sweetkiwi is an award-winning, woman and minority-owned and operated CPG food brand that bridges the gap between good for you, functional nutrition and great taste by making the best tasting, low-calorie yet nutrient-dense treats. We make our treats in kinship with real farm families focused on a cleaner, more sustainable future. Our products are high in Protein, Probiotics, fiber, and a proprietary blend of immune-boosting Superfoods. Sweetkiwi is great for your belly and a simply healthier dessert! We are mission driven which means we balance profits and purpose intentional about supporting local farmers and we also donate 1% of our profits and time to supporting organizations creating easier access to funding for Black Female entrepreneurs.’

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