Thousands of peaceful protesters descend on the  streets of NYC

Thousands of peaceful protesters descend on the streets of New York City after another night of looting and vandalism rocked the Big Apple

  • Another day of protests over George Floyd’s death began peacefully across the U.S. on Tuesday afternoon 
  • Thousands marched north through NYC where workers boarded up businesses to protect against looters
  • Another ground of protesters took a knee outside the police station in Times Square

Thousands of peaceful protesters are once again taking to the streets of New York City after a night of looting and vandalism rocked the Big Apple. 

People descended on Foley Square in New York City and also marched on Times Square, taking a knee in the center of the iconic tourist spot.

It comes as the NYPD announced all non-essential traffic will be been banned across Manhattan south of 96th Street starting at 8pm tonight as the department gears up for another night of carnage.

And the NYPD has now also told cops to cancel any time off. The message to staff dated Tuesday reads: ‘Effective immediately, all full duty uniformed members of the service RDO’s are cancelled.’

Protesters take a knee as a sign of unity and chant during a solidarity march for George Floyd in Times Square

Protesters chant during a solidarity march for George Floyd in Times Square Tuesday

Protesters take a knee outside of the police station in Times Square in New York City on Tuesday

On Tuesday in Manhattan, organizers made a last minute change to one of the protest’s location, which has originally been scheduled to be held at 1 Police Plaza, the headquarters of the New York City Police Department. 

According to Patch, organizers switched the location in order to not interfere with protesters in custody being released at the headquarters, though that is not confirmed. 

New York courts had warned their workers to stay at home because of the protest. 

‘The entire area around the courthouse complex will be shut down,’ District Executive Edward Friedland wrote in the email, obtained by The New York Post.

‘At the direction of the Chief Judge [Colleen McMahon], no SDNY staff are to come to the Foley Square courthouses tomorrow.’

NBC reporter Phil McCausland posted to Twitter that thousands gathered in Foley Sqaure Tuesday afternoon before they began a march north through the city. 

Before they started out, protesters took a knee, raised a fist and chanted the names of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor while helicopters circled overhead. 

As they walked north, they were saluted by medical workers holding signs that read ‘Nurses fought COVID. Now we’ll fight the police.’ 

Workers putting up plywood to protest businesses from further looting also showed their support banging on wood and holding ‘Black Lives Matter’ signs. 

A smaller demonstration gathered on Times Square where they took a knee beside the police station. 

Further demonstrations in the city are planned at the Stonewall Inn and 47th Street and Broadway, in Manhattan, 98 Fifth Ave. in Brooklyn, and Fort Totten and Far Rockaway-Mott Avenue Station in Queens later in the day, according to organizers.   

Earlier on Tuesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio brought the curfew forward from 11pm until 8pm after another night of violence and crime that saw looters pillage Fifth Avenue, Union Square, Madison Square, Flatiron and parts of Soho.

Since the rioting began in New York City, more than 700 people have been arrested, according to NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea on Tuesday morning. A citywide curfew from 8pm until 5am is in place until Sunday.

Six people were injured last night including a police officer who was run over in the Bronx and there were a dozen shootings but none were involving police. 

President Trump on Tuesday called on Cuomo to take tougher action and send in the National Guard, saying the city had been lost to ‘lowlife scum’ and ‘thugs’.

The decision to send in the Guard rests with Cuomo and de Blasio but both are refusing to do it, saying the NYPD is better equipped to handle the situation even though they have lost control to crowds in the last 48 hours.

On Tuesday, Cuomo said neither the NYPD nor the Mayor did their job last night and that the result was a ‘disgrace’ but he believes the situation will improve if the cops are deployed ‘properly’.

De Blasio has not said how many extra cops he will put on the streets, if any.

People who are exempt to the curfew are essential workers – as defined by the COVID-19 lockdown rules – , the homeless and people seeking medical attention.

Ubers and Lyfts are considered essential as are yellow taxis and restaurants can still deliver food to homes if they choose to stay open. 

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