Thrillseekers left dangling as Europe's tallest ride breaks down

Terrifying moment thrillseekers are left dangling more than 100 feet above ground for eight minutes as Europe’s tallest mobile ride breaks down in Blackpool

  • This is the moment a mobile ride broke, leaving people dangling high in the air
  • It was caught on video as dozens were hanging from Europe’s tallest mobile ride
  • The spinning carousel had only recently openened to the public in Blackpool  

This is the moment thrill-seekers were left stranded after Europe’s tallest mobile ride broke down just hours after opening. 

Dozens of people found themselves dangling 260ft from the Star Flyer ride in Blackpool when it stopped working on Sunday.

The occupants of the ride’s spinning carousel were stuck for around eight minutes before they were lowered down to safety. 

Philip Bailey videoed the incident. He said: ‘I’m out here doing a little bit of photography of the ride that’s on the promenade, but it looks like the power has just gone out.

‘Pretty glad I didn’t go on there now. All these people have just been left hanging.

He added: ‘We will see how long it takes for the power to come back – or if it does.

‘Looks like there’s a fuse gone or something.

‘Don’t know how they’re going to get people down, there must be some safety mechanism or something – a break, I would have thought.’

Dozens of people were left dangling in the air after the largest mobile ride in Europe broke down

Thrill-seekers were left more than a hundred feet in the sky in Blackpool, Lancashire

Despite commiserating with the stricken passengers on the ride, Philip also made light of their situation as time went on.

He said: ‘Can think of better places to be on a Sunday night. Just left hanging around.

‘I think they need to put 50p in the meter.

‘If you are afraid of heights, and you were stuck up there right now, you wouldn’t be very happy.’

Onlookers were shocked under the evening sky. Philip Bailey videoed the incident. He said: ‘If you are afraid of heights, and you were stuck up there right now, you wouldn’t be very happy’

The huge ride, around half the size of the Blackpool Tower, had only opened on Sunday morning to the public.

It came to Blackpool as the star attraction for the Winter Gardens Wonderland Festival and was originally due to be located on St John’s Square.

However, council chiefs insisted it be dismantled and moved to the promenade because it was too big to be operate safely in the town centre.

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