Tiny pooch lets out a snarl when someone tries to take her yoghurt

Don’t you dairy! Tiny pooch Pino lets out a BIG snarl when someone tries to take away her favourite yoghurt

  • A three-year-old Pekinese and Chihuahua cross growled for a tub of yoghurt
  • A cute video shows Pino, from Japan, snarl at a hand going to take her snack 
  • The clip from Hikaru Tanaka received millions of views on TikTok and YouTube

This is the moment a snappy little dog made it very clear that no one was taking away her favourite food.

Pino, a cute Pekinese and Chihuahua cross, started to snarl as a hand reached towards the pot of yoghurt she was clutching in comic footage shot by her owner Hikaru Tanaka, in Tokyo.

As the fingers got nearer the snack the three-year-old dog started to bare its teeth before suddenly lunging forward to try to bite the hand. 

Pino, a cute three-year-old Pekinese and Chihuahua growls over a pot of yoghurt in a video filmed by her owner Hikaru Tanaka, in Tokyo, Japan

She then covered the small tub with her body protectively in the entertaining footage.

The video, posted to TikTok by @piiinostagram.tktk – a page created for Pino, has had more than 4.8 million views.  

And it turns out that Pino had actually stolen the yoghurt from her owner.

The caption on the clip, filmed on November 19, reads: ‘Pino always robs the owner’s meal.’ 

Pino places her paws and body protectively over the snack in the clip filmed on November 19

Viewers on YouTube, where it the clip has been viewed more than 93,000 times, have remarked on Pino’s deceptively adorable appearance.

One user said: ‘This white furby is furiously enraged.’

Jemica Bond added: ‘He like “you bring that crusty finger over here Imma bite it off!”‘ 

‘Don’t get it wet or feed it after midnight,’ another commenter said, referring to the 1980s hit movie Gremlins, in which adorable fluffy Mogwais are transformed into havoc-wreaking monsters.

Pino snarls and snaps at the hand reaching for the yoghurt which it turns out she had stolen from her owner

A comment from Todd Hemsel added: ‘Omg he’s a literal gremlin lol.’ 

Pino has more than 14,000 followers on Instagram where her owner posts clips of her playing, most recently of her enjoying the winter weather in festive gear.

The dog, who also has a range of merchandise, even made a brief feature on Japanese national TV on December 23. 

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