Trump blames Biden ‘weakness, lack of support’ for strikes on Israel

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Former President Donald Trump blamed the Biden administration’s “weakness and lack of support for Israel” for enabling the situation in which militant groups are launching a barrage of missiles from the Gaza Strip into Tel Aviv.

Trump said his administration was known as the “Peace Presidency “because Israel’s adversaries knew that the United States stood strongly with Israel and there would be swift retribution if Israel was attacked.”

“Under Biden, the world is getting more violent and more unstable because Biden’s weakness and lack of support for Israel is leading to new attacks on our allies,” Trump continued in the statement emailed from his office.

“America must always stand with Israel and make clear that the Palestinians must end the violence, terror, and rocket attacks, and make clear that the U.S. will always strongly support Israel’s right to defend itself.”

He went on to blast Democrats for continuing to “stand by crazed anti-American Rep. Omar, and others, who savagely attack Israel while they are under terrorist assault.”

Buildings were ablaze, sirens were blaring and explosions could be heard throughout Tel Aviv on Tuesday as terror group Hamas unleashed a volley of rocket fire on the city and throughout central Israel from the Gaza Strip. 

Alarms pierced the night as Israel activated its anti-rocket systems. 

Israeli Defense Forces tweeted Tuesday that one of the hundreds of missiles fired by Hamas struck a bus carrying civilians. 

Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar accused Israel of “terrorism” after it launched missile attacks into the Gaza Strip in response to the assault by Palestinian militants on Monday.

“Israeli air strikes killing civilians in Gaza is an act of terrorism. Palestinians deserve protection. Unlike Israel, missile defense programs, such as Iron Dome, don’t exist to protect Palestinian civilians. It’s unconscionable to not condemn these attacks on the week of Eid,” she tweeted on Monday.

Omar (D-Minn.) sent out her posting after the Gaza Ministry of Health announced the airstrikes led to 20 fatalities — with Israel announcing at least 16 were militants, according to ABC News.

A powerful pro-Israeli lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, on Tuesday said “Israel is under attack” and called on members of Congress to stand strong with the Jewish State, defend its citizens and condemn Hamas.

“In the last 48 hours, Israel has faced an onslaught of 600+ rockets fired indiscriminately at Israeli cities by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza. Hamas and other Iranian-backed terror groups are deliberately targeting Israeli civilians, seeking to injure and kill as many as possible​,” the group said in a posting on Twitter.

“America must stand with Israel as our ally defends its citizens from Palestinian terror​,” it said. ​

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