Trump lawyer says he used 'classified' marked folder to block light

Trump lawyer claims former President used a folder marked ‘Classified Evening Summary’ to block a light in his Mar-a-Lago bedroom

  • Attorney Timothy Parlatore said DOJ went ‘crazy’ when learning about the folder
  • He said there was ‘nothing illegal’ about possession of it because it was empty 
  • ‘Now the president has to find a different way to get the blue light out of his eyes,’ the former president’s lawyer complained on CNN

Donald Trump used a folder marked ‘classified evening summary’ to block out a light in his bedroom at Mar-a-Lago before it had to be turned over to the Justice Department, one of his attorneys said on Sunday. 

The peculiar admission was in fact made in defense of the former president.

Lawyer Timothy Parlatore insisted in a CNN television interview that there was ‘nothing illegal’ in possession of the item and used it as an example of their cooperation with investigators looking at Trump’s handling of classified files.

Parlatore is representing Trump in the special counsel probe of his alleged mishandling of presidential records, as well as the investigation of Trump’s role in inciting the January 6 Capitol riot. 

‘The folder is kind of one of the more humorous aspects of this whole thing. This is not a classified folder,’ Parlatore told CNN.

Trump lawyer Timothy Parlatore insisted there was ‘nothing illegal’ about the former president’s possession of the ‘classified’-marked folder

He said his team accounted for the folder in their reports to the DOJ about the status of classified documents in Trump’s Florida mansion, and had in fact alerted investigators to its existence.

‘It’s a folder, a manila folder that says “classified evening summary” on it. And it was in the President’s bedroom,’ the lawyer explained.

‘He has one of those landline telephones next to his bed, and it has a blue light on it. It keeps him up at night. So he took the manila folder and put it over it, so it would keep the light down so he can sleep at night.’

Parlatore then pivoted to attacking the DOJ, accusing the department of overreacting to Trump’s possession of the ‘classified executive summary’-marked folder.

‘When DOJ found out about it, they went crazy. And they said- they actually gave me a subpoena to say, “Give us over this empty folder that means nothing,”‘ he said.

He maintained that investigators only learned of its existence because of Trump’s team’s transparency ‘in the spirit of full cooperation and compliance.’

‘And when they read that and they saw, oh, there’s this folder here that is so far outside of the scope of the subpoena or anything else, they demanded it back,’ Parlatore complained.

‘And so now the president has to find a different way to get the blue light out of his eyes.’

He complained that Trump ‘has to find a different way to get the blue light out of his eyes’ after the folder was turned over to the DOJ

An August raid on his Mar-a-Lago mansion forced the DOJ’s probe of Trump’s handling of classified documents on the national stage

That folder was among several items Trump’s team turned over to investigators in December and January, CNN reported Friday.

The DOJ’s investigation into Trump’s handling of classified files took a very public turn in August, when FBI agents raided Mar-a-Lago and retrieved dozens of records with top secret and classified markings.

Previously undetected classified records were reportedly handed over to DOJ in December.

The following month, Trump’s team reportedly turned over a thumb drive and laptop containing copies of those same files, which were apparently moved there by an aide who did not know their high-security nature.

Trump has routinely denied any wrongdoing in the matter, and has launched multiple verbal attacks against Special Counsel Jack Smith and his family.

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