Uber driver raped passenger after telling her ‘he could make the ride cheaper’ then falsely claimed SHE ‘wanted it’

AN UBER driver raped a teenage girl after telling her he could "make her ride cheaper" – then lied to police claiming she "wanted it".

Twisted Hafiz Babar picked up his 18-year-old victim from a party before assaulting her in the back of his car in Melbourne, Australia.

The 32-year-old offered the university student a discounted price for the ride if she had sex with him – which she refused repeatedly, reports news.com.au.

After starting to drive the teen home, he soon pulled over and asked her: "Do you want the ride for cheaper?"

"If you do something for me, I can make the ride cheaper”.

She insisted she wasn’t interested and didn’t want to do anything like that, the court was told.

But Babar then got out of the car and sat in the back seat next to the victim, once again making the indecent proposal.

He started touching her thigh as the woman repeatedly told him “no” and tried to squirm away from him before he raped her.

The teen managed to open the car door and fled as Babar tried to grab her leg.

“No, no stay,” he said.

She ran to a nearby home and in tears told the woman who answered the door a “creepy guy” touched her in the car.

“He was touching me,” the teen told the homeowners, who drove her to a nearby police station following the incident in September 2018.

But when cops caught up with Babar, he claimed the victim had "wanted it" and denied the allegations.

He told detectives she had jumped in the front seat before asking him to have sex with her.

The teen was then forced to endure a cross examination by his barrister in a preliminary trial hearing, before compelling DNA evidence exposed Babar's lies.

The judge said Babar “preyed upon” a young girl who had been affected by alcohol.

Babar pleaded guilty to one count of rape in the County Court of Victoria earlier this month after initially denying the allegations.

However the judge considered Babar’s depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and his social isolation from family in Pakistan when handing down his sentence.

He was jailed for five years on Friday but will be eligible for parole after serving three years behind bars.

“To say the offending had a profound effect on the young victim is an understatement,” County Court Judge Chris Ryan said.

Babar’s student visa was cancelled and he will be eligible for parole in three years.

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