VIDEO: Indian man survives being run over by a bus

How did he survive? Indian motorcyclist falls under the wheels of a bus but crawls out unscathed moments later

  • The motorcyclist was trying to pass the bus in Gujarat, India on Monday 
  • CCTV footage showed the rider falling off his bike and tumbling under the bus
  • A few seconds later, the man was able to pull himself from under the bus 

A motorbike rider miraculously survived after being dragged under the wheels of a bus.

The lucky-to-be-alive man was travelling along the side of the road when he attempted to pass out the larger vehicle.

The motorcyclist had to go inside the bus as there was debris blocking the outside lane.  

The motorcycle rider ended up underneath the bus which was travelling in Dahod, India 

Witnesses thought the rider was killed when he disappeared under the bus

The man was able to clamber free from under the bus, much to the surprise of witnesses 

The man, pictured in red, went back to his bike having crawled from under the bus

However, after taking the corner he appears to lose control after being clipped by the bus and tumbled under its wheels. 

The bus driver brakes heavily but cannot stop before the man is dragged underneath his vehicle.  

The rider disappeared under the front wheels for several seconds. 

He stopped to help as the man then emerged completely unscathed after his brush with death.

Other motorists stopped to help and the horror crash was captured on CCTV in Dahod, Gujarat, India on Monday. 

People on social media heavily criticised the motorcyclist suggesting he may have broken the law by passing the bus on the inside. 

Others said it was lucky it was caught on CCTV, otherwise the bus driver could have faced awkward questions.  

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