Video shows homeless man being attacked with a lit firework in NYC

Horrifying video shows homeless man, 66, being set on FIRE after another man throws a lit firework at him while he sleeps on a New York City street

  • A man is seen throwing a firework at a homeless person in New York City at 4am
  • He appears to laugh as it explodes and startles the man under a blanket
  • NYPD said a 66-year-old man suffered minor injuries and was in hospital in stable condition after the incident in Harlem on Monday
  • Thousands of complaints have been made to police about the fireworks in June 
  • Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to announce crackdown measures on Tuesday

This is the shocking moment a 66-year-old homeless man was attacked with a firework as he slept on a New York street.

Video footage shows a man light up the explosive before hurling it in the direction of a blanket.

It’s only clear in the blurry video that a person is underneath as it sparks up and someone appears suddenly to move.

A man is seen throwing a firework at a homeless person in New York City at 4am on Monday

A man his heard laughing as the firework goes off and sets the fabric on fire.

Police were called to the scene in NYC’s Harlem around 4am on Monday.

The report came from near 62 Lenox Ave (Malcolm X Boulevard) and West 113th Street, the 28th Precinct said in a statement.

EMS responded to the scene and the 66-year-old victim was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital.

He suffered minor burns, the NYPD said in a press release. 

The homeless man was in stable condition on Monday night.  

It’s unclear who was filming the incident but the video shows a man throwing the firework and another filming it.  

Cops said they were made aware of the footage after responding the the scene.

‘A subsequent investigation has determined the existence of a video posted via social media that showed unknown male individuals throwing lit fireworks,’ the NYPD said in a statement on Monday night.

The NYPD said they did not have anyone in custody on Monday night. 

It came as the first half of June saw 1,737 calls to 311 complaining of loud fireworks.

The same period last year only saw 21 complaints. CBS New York reported that 911 had received 13,000 calls about the loud bangs in the sky.

Other cities around the country noticed a surge in fireworks displays this month. However cops in New York have urged the public not to block the 911 emergency line with the noise complaints.

On Monday, protesters gathered outside Mayor de Blasio’s mansion to make noise as they begged him to crack down on people who are supplying illegal fireworks. 

The mayor is expected to announce multi-agency measures to stop the flow of illegal fireworks on Tuesday.

Consumers usually spend $1billion on illegal firework for July 4 alone.

Last month the mayor said the July 4 fireworks display would go ahead this year in collaboration with Macy’s despite the coronavirus pandemic and related social distancing measures.

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