Vile hunters paying £10,000 to slaughter giant walruses and chop off their 22 inch penis bone for sick trophies

HUNTERS are paying £10,000 to blast giant male walrus from just 40 yards away as they rest on rocks – and then harvest their genitals.

The 1.5 ton mammals are butchered on the spot by guides who remove their tusks and 22-inch baculum bone – found in the penis – for hunters to take away as trophies.

Hunters travel to remote Nunavut in northern Canada to take part in the walrus hunts.

The giant mammals are tracked on ice floes and dispatched with powerful hunting rifles from close range – their giant bulk making them an easy kill.

Travel firm Canada North Outfitting said the £10,000 per person price only includes five days of hunting with Inuit guides, extraction of tusks and baculum bone and export license to send the trophies home.

The firm says on his website: “Canada North Outfitting pioneered Walrus hunting in Nunavut, conducting the first non-resident, non-Aboriginal hunt in 1995.

“Our clients have taken seven of the top 10 Atlantic Walrus trophies entered in the Safari Club International record book.

“Walrus hunts are carried out with the use of motorised boats to transport you to the hunting areas.

“When Walrus are spotted, they are stalked upon while resting on large ice floes or small rocky island haul outs.

“Shooting ranges are close in, usually under 35 metres (approximately 40 yards). We recommend using .338 or .375 rifle.”

It adds: “The Walrus Hunt is truly one of the most cultural hunts you will experience.

“Walrus are hunted during the summer and it is not uncommon to have sightings of whales, seals and polar bear during your adventure, plus incredible ice formations.

“Schedule your trip between July and August 2020/2021 for an unforgettable 2 x 1 arctic adventure!”

Hunters must pay extra for flights, food and drink, accommodation and firearms papers.

For an extra £1,100 the head and skin of the beast can be taken from the kill site and prepared for export home.

The firm added: “Walrus hunt adventure is suited to non-hunting observers interested in photographic opportunities, Inuit culture, and experiencing the Arctic way of life.”

Those shooting film rather than bullets pay £3,200.

Canada North Outfitting has been approached for comment.

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