Weak radio signals in depths of space could indicate existence of aliens

WEAK radio signals in the depths of space could indicate the existence of aliens.

The sounds, detected by the world’s most powerful telescope, appear to be from hidden planets.

Astronomers picked up signals from 19 red dwarf stars 165 light years away, with four thought to have planets orbiting them — possibly home to alien life.

Australia’s Dr Benjamin Pope said: “It is the first time radio signals from planets outside our solar system have been picked up.

“This could potentially lead to the discovery of planets throughout the galaxy.”

Boffins reckon the signals are generated by a planet’s magnetic fields interacting with the solar wind.

Earth emits powerful radio waves, causing phenomenon such as the Northern and Southern Lights.

On Jupiter its volcanic moon Io creates a similar aurora effect.

Signals were heard by the Netherlands-based Low-Frequency Array radio telescope.

Dr Joseph Callingham, of Leiden University, reckoned: “This is a spectacle that has attracted our attention from light years away.”

An even more powerful telescope, due to switch on in 2029, is expected to reveal hundreds more planets.

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