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A MURDER bid victim reveals her horrifying neck wound after a maniac tried to behead her with a meat cleaver in the street.

Lynsey O’Neill, 37, lost two pints of blood and nearly died when her throat was slashed open by stranger Robert Warnock, 23.

Her boyfriend Scott Mitchell, 43, also had his head sliced open as he tried to defend her from the brute during the unprovoked street attack in Greenock, Scotland.

Traumatised Lynsey, who slipped into a coma as she was rushed to hospital, said last night: “He tried to chop my head off.”

Lynsey told how she was left dying in a pool of blood in the street after Warnock hacked into her throat.

The deranged fiend swung the blade at terrified Lynsey after being goaded on by another yob who yelled: “Do that b***h in”.

The sickening blow — which came as she waited in the street for a taxi with partner Scott — ripped her neck open, sending blood spilling onto the pavement.

Crazed Warnock then swung for Scott as he tried to protect his girlfriend, embedding the cleaver deep into his forehead.

He came within millimetres of being blinded.

Reliving the horrifying moment she was mutilated, Lynsey said tearfully: “I felt hot stuff rushing from my neck.

“I thought it was beer that had been spilled in my bag but it was blood.

“It was running down me. I collapsed. I was dying in the street.”

Lynsey and Scott were waiting for a cab outside her cousin’s home in Greenock when they were suddenly encircled by a gang of thugs.

They hurled wine bottles at the innocent couple before Warnock, who was also armed with a knife, launched the shocking attack.

She said: “I heard a car door slam and when I looked around, we were surrounded.

“They started throwing bottles at me. I went over to ask why they were doing that and somebody shouted, ‘Do the b***h in’.

“Warnock tried to chop my head off and he would have managed if it hadn’t been for my boyfriend.”

Blood was running down me. I collapsed. I was dying in the street.”

The severity of the attack sent Lynsey crashing to the ground as Scott grabbed at the monster’s legs in a brave bid to fend him off.

Scott said: “Warnock was standing on a wall with a meat cleaver in his right hand and a kitchen knife in his left.

“He started shouting at us. I tried to throw Lynsey out the way, I told her to run.

“I used to study taekwondo so I tried to grab a hold of him and sweep his legs.

“But I’ve got arthritis in both hands and they weren’t strong enough. That’s when he went for me as well.”

Despite blood pouring from a wound above his eye, Scott pulled off his T-shirt in a desperate bid to stem the flow gushing from Lynsey’s neck.

He went on: “Every time I got close to her the blood was dripping off me and landing on her.

“The gang only ran off when I shouted, ‘You’re going to kill her’.”

Panic-stricken Scott then tried to flag down passing cars to help — eventually stopping a taxi driver who called for cops and an ambulance, which arrived within minutes.

He added: “If it wasn’t for that ambulance being so close, she wouldn’t have made it.”

The dad then had to wait in the street for more medics to arrive as the first crew sped off with Lynsey.

He suffered a fractured skull and a five-inch blade wound above his right eye which needed 40 stitches.

Doctors warned he would have lost his sight had the cleaver connected any lower.

He also suffered cuts to his stomach and back in the frenzied attack and spent three days in hospital.

Lynsey lost two pints of blood and was unconscious when she reached Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. She spent days in a coma fighting for life.

Scott, who lives with Lynsey in Greenock, was separated from her during her battle for life and was only allowed to see her the next day.

She had emergency surgery and needed 17 staples to close her gaping throat.

She has been left permanently disfigured with an eight-inch scar that runs under her chin to her right ear.

Surgeons told her the blade just missed vital arteries which, if severed, could have killed her in seconds.

She said: “I don’t remember much between collapsing and waking up in intensive care.

“My mum was allowed in to kiss me goodbye. She didn’t think I was going to make it.”

Traumatised Lynsey now struggles to speak due to her injuries and wants to start a new life with Scott away from the town.

She said: “I get stared at in the street. We don’t go out, I can’t leave the house after dark. Every time I see a young guy, I wonder if he was there.

“If I hear a noise coming from outside, I’m terrified. I’m always looking over my shoulder.

“I get nightmares — I keep thinking they’re going to come through the window.”

Warnock, also of Greenock, was arrested after the midnight attack on June 28.

He was convicted of assaulting Scott and trying to murder Lynsey after a trial last month.

He will be sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh on February 6.


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