Woman names baby LITTLE NUGGET after giving birth in McDonald's toilet

Atlanta woman calls her baby daughter LITTLE NUGGET after she gives birth in McDonald’s toilet – as heroic staff and fast food customers rushed to help deliver the tot

  • A woman recently gave birth to her ‘little nugget’ in the bathroom of a McDonald’s in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Within minutes, the woman, Alandria Worthy, said her water broke 
  • The restaurant’s manager, along with Worthy’s fiancé and several other employees, rushed in to help her deliver the baby
  • After less than 15 minutes, the little girl was born
  • The employees who assisted in the baby’s delivery were each awarded $250 gift cards by the franchise’s owner 

One fast-food customer and expectant mother walked away with a different kind of ‘Happy Meal’ after delivering her baby in the bathroom of a McDonald’s. 

Alandria Worthy and her fiancé stopped at the restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, Wednesday morning so she could use the bathroom as her labor was intensifying. 

Within moments, the woman said the labor with her ‘little nugget’ progressed.  

‘I went into the bathroom and my water broke immediately,’ Worthy told WXIA. 

The new mom and dad welcomed their baby girl into the world inside a McDonald’s bathroom Wednesday

Before extra help arrived, three McDonald’s workers assisted in the delivery inside the restroom


This is the McDonald’s where a woman delivered a baby girl on Wednesday 

After the woman began screaming the restaurant’s manager, Tunisia Woodward, went into the restroom to see what was happening.

‘I open this door, didn’t see anyone, but I saw feet (under the door),’ Woodward said. ‘I opened, and she was on this toilet lying back, screaming. Then I knew to tell my crew, “We’re having a baby today.'”

The manager, accompanied by two other employees and Worthy’s fiancé’ Deandre Phillips, immediately jumped into action. 

‘I was trying to calm her down because she was frantic,’ Phillips said. 

‘I was like, “Just breathe.” I got her on the floor, and I took off my clothes. The ladies at McDonald’s were at her front side, holding her hands, I had her feet propped up on my knees. We told her to push three pushes. She was a fighter.’

The employees also knew what to do, all being parents themselves. 

Worthy and her fiancé stopped at the restaurant to use the restroom while she was in labor 

While inside, Worthy said her water instantly broke and that the process from that point on moved quickly

After the expectant mother screamed from inside a stall, the restaurant manager came in to see what was going on

Tunisia Woodward, the manager, said she told her employees ‘we’re having a baby today’ 

‘We all are mothers and so we put our heads together, Woodward said. 

‘All we needed daddy to do was catch the baby. And he did,’ the manager said of herself and her employees, Sha’querria Kaigler and Keisha Blue-Murray. 

‘Yes, she popped out onto my hand,’ Phillips said. 

At one point in the labor, Worthy, using the employees as support, bit into Woodward’s hand. 

In an interview, the manager joked that it was alright ‘she didn’t break my skin.’  

Miraculously, less than 15 minutes later, the couple’s ‘little nugget’ made her entrance into the world. 

After less than 15 minutes, the couple’s ‘little nugget’ made her entrance into the world

While her given name may not actually be ‘nugget,’ it’s a nickname that’s sure to stick around for a while 

According to the group, it took just a few pushes for the baby, Nandi Ariyah Moremi Phillips, to arrive. 

‘Oh, my God, it’s still crazy that it happened,’ Worthy told the Atlanta television station.

The new parents said they believe it was ‘divine intervention’ that led them to the McDonald’s that day and to the group of women who were ready to help. 

That ‘divine intervention also led to their nickname for Nandi, which is sure to stick. 

Baby Nandi Ariyah Moremi Phillips was born in the McDonald’s bathroom Wednesday in Atlanta, Georgia 

‘I said, we’re going to name her Little Nugget. That’s her nickname: McDonald’s Little Nugget,’ the mom said.

‘She’s definitely a nugget,’ Phillips agreed. ‘My parents loved the name, too. We were like, okay, it fits her. My little nugget.’

While the incident caught the attention of media both in Georgia and around the country, it also was brought to the franchise’s owner, Steve Akinboro.  

As a reward for the three women’s hard work, Akinboro gave each of the employee’s a $250 gift card.  

Woodward told WXIA that she plans to spend some of the money on the new baby. 

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