YouTube reportedly suspends OANN over COVID-19 ‘cure’ video

YouTube temporarily suspended the One America News Network for posting a video that promoted a fake cure for COVID-19, according to a report Tuesday.

The move also prevents OANN from profiting off its other videos on the site, Axios said.

YouTube — which removed the video at issue — reportedly acted because OANN violated a misinformation policy that prohibits users from posting videos that claim the coronavirus can be cured.

OANN was previously warned about violating the policy, Axios said.

OANN’s one-week suspension reportedly marked Google-owned YouTube’s first “strike” against the cable TV network.

Two more would lead to its account being terminated, Axios said.

In addition, OANN will have to re-apply to the YouTube Partner Program in order to resume making money off its videos, Axios said.

OANN didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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