Paco Rabanne now does makeup – we tried it and here's our verdict…

That’s right, the name behind the famous fragrances 1 Million and Lady Million has now branched into makeup.

Perfume brands have been pivoting towards makeup in recent years – just look at Byredo and Killian Paris.

Now, Paco Rabanne has joined in on the fun, with an ultra-metallic, party-inspired makeup collection, available exclusively at Selfridges.

Known as Rabanne Beauty, the range has Christmas party written all over it, and we’ve put it to the test to see how well it stands up against other makeup. Could the brand have both an iconic fragrance and mascara on its hands?

Our review

After applying my usual skin tint and concealer, I started to work on the eyes.

The powder eyeshadow formula comes in two sizes – a mini and full version, both being travel-friendly and retailing for £26 and £36, respectively.

I used the mini size in Hey Sunshine, which has a fiery copper and cool gold inside.

One swipe is all you need for full pigment – it took me less than 30 seconds to apply shadow on both eyes with my finger. Impressive and user-friendly.

I then tried the liquid eyeshadows, called Colourshot (£25), in the shade Moon Child.

Liquid shadows can make the skin on the eyelid feel ‘tight’, but I didn’t get that here. It was comfortable to wear, though it of course does feel heavier than powder shadow.

I tried using this product on its own and mixed with the powder formula to see how well it would blend and set on the eyelid, and both ways worked just as well.

Once again, full pigment came in an instant – even though when swatched on my hand, it looked a little patchy.

As for the mascara (£27), I wanted – and expected – volume and drama given the rest of the eye products, but it’s very natural looking and gives a wispy effect. Those scared off by the high shimmer can safely gravitate towards this instead.

Next came a more unusual product: the Shimmer Bomb (£27), in Rose Dore.

The idea is it’s a spray-on shimmer for the face and body in an aerosol can. Now, makeup in a spray format doesn’t bode well for me – in fact, it screams mess.

But while it’s billed as being ‘spray-on glitter’, I didn’t get any glitter – just a faded pink stain that has a soft reflect.

I tried it on the body – no luck, then on the face over my cheeks, which did nothing but disturb my foundation underneath. I applied it with fingers, then a brush, and nothing could get it to work. The verdict? It’s a bit gimmicky, so I’d skip this one.

And finally the lip products. Rabanne Beauty has two options: Famous Lipcolour, a matte lipstick, and LoveBalm, a tinted balm, both £29.

LoveBalm in the shade Bloody Kiss reminds me of Clinique’s Black Honey, but with more pigment.

It’s comfortable and hydrating, and I can see myself reaching for it in the cold weather.

Famous Lipcolour in Orange Mecanique is impressive. Orange is a very hard lipstick colour to create in a way that’s flattering – both in tone and texturally on the lips. Oranges often exaggerate the appearance of lip lines and settle into any dry areas, making them a poor choice for chapped lip girlies (of which I am one).

In all my years of orange lipstick hunting, I think I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for.

A pop-up to celebrate the launch will land in Covent Garden near the station for London Fashion Week, running September 14-18, from 11am until 7pm each day.

The immersive experience will allow you to shop, enter for prizes, and have your makeup perfected by artists. Meanwhile, you can shop the brand at Selfridges.

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