Alan Titchmarsh calls for cancel culture to end after claim he’s ‘frightened’

Alan Titchmarsh has set the record straight about his views on cancel culture after a report claimed he was “frightened” about what he can and can’t say. The presenter was quizzed on the topic in his latest interview with Times Radio, in which he urged “minority groups” to be more tolerant of people’s opinions that differ from their own.

Sharing his thoughts, the 74-year-old began by explaining he was “not frightened” of being cancelled, but was “appalled by the very existence of cancel culture” because tolerance for him is a “two-way thing”. He went on to say: “I like to think I’m tolerant to people with different opinions to myself.

“It seems to me that a lot of so-called minority groups are not particularly tolerant of opinions different from theirs, and I think it’s important that we all tolerate each other and that we maintain the ability for this country still to boast it as free speech.”

Alan went on to say there are “too many people” frightened to have an opinion “which isn’t always wrong, it’s just different”. The presenter continued: “And I think we really do need to safeguard our ability to speak freely about what we feel. And for opinions that differ from our own to be considered.”

The garden expert said from his side, he tries to understand somebody’s elses views and that “if people can feel completely different to you, [ask] ‘why?’ Rather than just saying, ‘you’re going to be cancelled’. Stop it, you know.”

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Alan’s latest interview has since garnered attention on social media, including from Piers Morgan, who recently claimed he was “the biggest woke basher in Britain”. Sharing the clip on his X page, formerly known as Twitter, he wrote: “Well said, Mr Titchmarsh.”

Another commented: “We stand for peace in the world,” while a third typed: “Exactly! Well said! The biggest problem we have is no one agrees to disagree.” The gardening expert was previously quoted as saying the world of cancel culture has left him “terrified” and that if it the strain of worry got too much for him, he could pack it all in.

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Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph, he spilled: “I’m avoiding the ‘w’ word. But I fear now that I’m getting too old to subscribe to all the current feelings. There is an ever-growing faction of people that endeavour to say you think this or that, even if that might not be what you said or what you meant.”

Alan added he was “getting too old to subscribe to all the current feelings” and echoed that “tolerance should work both ways”. He went on to say he was “very careful” about what he says, but admitted “if the point ever came when that strain and that worry became too much, for me or my family, I think I’d say, enough.”

Of his admission, the Love Your Garden star added: “This is the first time I’ve ever admitted that.”

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