Alyssa Milano's Ex Apologized To Holly Marie Combs For Charmed Drama?!

Alyssa Milano might not be sorry for the Charmed feud, but her ex-boyfriend and former co-star Brian Krause is!

In part two of Shannen Doherty‘s explosive interview with Holly Marie Combs on her podcast Let’s Be Clear out on Monday, the actresses continued to break down the Charmed drama.

We’ve already heard allegations Alyssa tore a wedge between the longtime pals and got the Beverly Hills, 90210 star fired from the show in the third season after forcing the producers to pick between her or Shannen. And because the Who’s the Boss star was supposedly threatening to sue them for a “hostile work environment,” well, it was clear who had to go.

But looking back, Holly now admits tensions were high on the set of the teen drama from early on. While she wasn’t directly mixed up in Alyssa and Shannen’s feud at the time, the controversy led to her feeling alienated on set. It didn’t help that both her co-stars were coupled up, making her the odd man out. Explaining her issues, which began at the end of season 3 (as Shannen was getting pushed out), she dished:

“You know, Brian and she were dating at the time when this all went down, which, to me, us being completely oblivious, to me was the worst part. Where, it was all sort of part of this plan that was happening and unfolding through over months. It was months of that year. You were dating Julian . So you guys were off in that world. Brian was off with Alyssa.”

That couldn’t have been easy! She went on to say she felt it was “terribly uncomfortable” and “terribly awkward” after being forced to stay on the show following her friend’s premature exit. Damn.

Innerestingly, she went on to reveal that Brian — who, like many on that set, was witness to the turmoil — actually publicly (and privately) apologized for everything Holly faced during a panel just LAST YEAR! Decades after the drama, it finally hit him, she recalled:

“He just recently — it was about a year ago — in France, we were on stage at a panel that was filled with many, many people, and he just kind of paused.”

The Pretty Little Liars star continued:

“He looked at me like he forgot something, and I kind of looked at him like, ‘What? What’s the problem? Why are you looking at me like that?’ And he just looked at me while someone was asking a question and just went, ‘I’m so sorry.’”

She wasn’t sure exactly where he was going with this at first — and we don’t blame her. After 24 years, she probably assumed an apology was never coming, especially since the group had always avoided discussing the rumored feud (until now). The 50-year-old went on while getting choked up:

“And I was like, ‘Sorry for what?’ I was like, ‘Are you going somewhere? What’s happening?’ He just shook his head, and he goes, ‘I’m so sorry.’ Because we had talked a little about it on stage without talking about it. Because still no one was allowed to talk about it.”

Even after the panel was over, Brian, who played the sisters’ guardian angel, continued to make amends:

“And we got off stage, and he just looked at me and said, ‘I’m so sorry. That must have been a terrible time for you.’”

Whoa. Through tears, she then joked:

“I mean, it took him like 24 years, but better late than never.”

That’s for sure! And Shannen agreed! This probably something the 52-year-old thinks about when it comes to her beef with Alyssa, who addressed some of the controversy in her book — shadily called, Sorry Not Sorry, thus proving, “you’re not freaking sorry,” as Shannen put it during part one. Oof.

There’s obviously so much that went down on this show! It’s interesting to hear Shannen and Holly get so candid about it now! Hear part two in full HERE. Thoughts?! Let us know (below)!

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