Angelina Jolie’s new tattoos spark wild fan theories after Brad Pitt split

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Angelina Jolie added to her extensive ink collection earlier this week with two new mysterious pieces as her celebrity tattooist teased fans on Instagram.

The artist Keith McCurdy, who goes by Mr K, has tattooed the likes of Matt Damon and Lewis Hamilton, usually shares his fine artworks and star-studded clientele on social media but chose to pixelate the 48-year-old’s new pieces.

Showing just the palm of her hands with black pixelated marks covering her middle fingers, the artist gushed over his new client in the caption, writing: “Still can’t believe that I actually grabbed her hand and tattooed her.

“Guess what she got on her palm?”

The overwhelming response was seemingly far more than Mr K expected, as when the snap went viral he shared a screenshot of the latest headlines focused on Angelina’s new tattoos with a face-palming emoji.

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Fans and critics alike shared a myriad of suggestions on what they believed the Lara Croft star had tattooed on herself, many of them being rude in association with their placement on her middle finger.

A few theorised that the actress had “F**k” on one finger and “Brad” in relation to her ex-husband Brad Pitt, with similar guesses including “F**k/You” and “Had A/Brad Time”.

Other suggestions also included daggers, spiritual symbols, “something French” or a tribute to her children.

Meanwhile, other fans began joking that the pixelated blur was the actual tattoo, forcing Mr K to write out a clarification in the comments after a few followers were misled: “Guys it’s photoshopped for cover the tattoo.”

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The artist also assured: “Let me post actual tattoo photo very soon.”

As the theories continued to spiral, the artist dropped another hint saying: “It’s NOTHING related with Brad Pitt.” (sic)

The actress has a few other quaint tattoos including a cross, geographical coordinates linking to the birthplaces of her children, and a large Bengal tiger across her lower back.

Angelina also has a number of script tattoos with phrases like: “Know your rights” and “What nourishes me destroys me” in Latin.

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