Ashley Cains hits back at trolls with emotional statement after tragic daughters death

Ashley Cain has issued a lengthy emotional statement in response to criticism he's received since announcing he's expecting his second child.

The reality TV star, 33, revealed on Saturday, 2 December that he is set to welcome a son in January 2024, two years on since tragically losing his daughter Azaylia to cancer. Ashley opened up about becoming a dad again in an interview on Good Morning Britain and has shared the news on social media with fans.

While Ashley has received huge support online, he's also been hit with negativity, which he's now addressed in a long statement regarding the things he has been through.

He posted a video of a lion with a lion cub and told fans: "This isn't a post for sympathy, it's a post to say it how it is.. I am a man that went through a tragic 6 month battle with my daughter fighting cancer. I am a man that witnessed that terrible illness take her life. I am a man that had to bury the most precious thing I have ever seen, touched & witnessed. I am a man that not only is dealing with grief, but remained strong to help those around me deal with theirs.

"I am a man that made promises and commitments to his daughter that he would be the best person he could be to make a positive difference in this world for other children that follow in her footsteps. I am a man that kept that promise and despite his feelings everyday, does what he needs to do to make that happen. I am also a man that chooses to help others fight their demons, open up about their problems and be brave enough to tackle and improve their mental health."

Ashley went on to detail how he is a "family man" and "is committed to doing as best as he possibly can" going forward.

"I am a man that even though not with his ex partner, provided a safe space for her surrounded by his very own family for years after they spilt. I am a family man.. A lover, a carer and a fighter for myself, my people and the things that I believe in. & now I am a man that is having another child, not with a partner, but with a lady that is a good person, who I trust & believe will be a great mother. Being that man, I will be a present father to my child," he continued.

Ashley added: "I will love, care & protect him at all costs for the rest of my life. I am a man that has took heat over and over again while caring for his terminally ill child. I am a man that has continued taking that heat since losing his precious child. I am also a man that is prepared to continue to take that heat to continue his daughters legacy, to continue having a positive impact in this world & to make sure that I can be the best father that I can be to my son.

"I am a man that will not only take that heat, but I will control the flames to make sure they don't burn others that I care about in the process. I am a man, a human being, not a perfect one, but one that is committed to doing as best as he possibly can. To everyone reading this whether you love me or hate me.. I wish you love, strength & blessings!"

Azaylia, Ashley’s first born with his ex-girlfriend Safiyya Vorajee, lost her battle with acute myeloid leukaemia, a condition the youngster was diagnosed with at just eight weeks old. As a result of the condition, she developed tumours on her lungs, stomach and kidneys and underwent several gruelling rounds of chemotherapy and even a bone marrow transplant before the condition sadly claimed her life.

She passed away peacefully in the arms of her parents at their home in Nuneaton in April 2021. A charity was later set up in her memory, The Azaylia Foundation, to help others going through the same situation.

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