Billie Eilish Fans Having Meltdown Over 'Queerbaiting' Accusations

A good chunk of Billie Eilish‘s fandom appears to be disavowing her — all over what they perceive as queerbaiting … but, truthfully, it’s just A LOT of assumptions and expectations.

If you saw the hashtag “#youlikegirls” trending Sunday evening and dove in … you probably saw a whole bunch of folks up in arms over Billie’s recent social media activity/love life, with many saying they were done with her and her music because they consider her problematic.

Long story short … Billie has recently been romantically linked to actor Matthew Tyler Vorce, who she’s been seen out with on what some took as dates — including this past week, when they were spotted getting cozy at Disneyland. Some are straight up calling him the BF.

That kinda threw some of her fans for a loop in and of itself, it seems, as there appears to have been some speculation that Billie might’ve been on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. We can’t say why people thought that — other than good old-fashioned conclusion-jumping.

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At any rate … some of those same fans were even more confused with her latest musical offering, which they say sends mixed signals. It’s Billie’s music video for her new single, “Lost Cause,” which sees her dancing in somewhat suggestive fashion with other women.

The true smoking gun for their queerbaiting case — as the fandom has insisted — was a follow-up post Billie threw up after this video, which featured the caption “i love girls.”

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Some took that as Billie toying with her fans, as well as pre-conceived notions about her sexuality — which many have called counterproductive/harmfully misleading. Basically, they’re suggesting she’s doing more hurting than helping in the LGBTQ+ movement … during Pride months, no less. That, coupled with her apparent interest in men, is causing an uproar.

We’re gonna bust out the soapbox here for a minute and just say … Billie doesn’t owe anyone anything when it comes to all this speculation and projecting that’s been thrust on her — not before, not now, and not even in the future (that is, if she doesn’t want to).

As many have rightly pointed out, there’s nothing inherently sexual about Bilile’s dancing in the music vid — and her caption could’ve been nothing more than just promoting her single.

Whether Billie’s on the LGBT spectrum or not … WHO KNOWS?!? But also, WHO CARES — it’s nobody’s damn business — so please … give it a freakin’ rest.

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