Britney Spears' Dad Jamie Had Leg Amputated After Intense Infection – And Now She's Considering Reconciliation??

Yikes! Jamie Spears has been through hell with his health lately!

After reports that Britney Spears‘ dad has been struggling with his health ran all throughout the summer, TMZ just learned on Tuesday that he had his leg amputated a month ago! Whoa!

According to sources with direct knowledge of the medical crisis, the patriarch had a massive infection in one of his legs. Doctors tried everything they could to contain the infection, including by going in for five unsuccessful surgeries. But, ultimately, they felt there was nothing left to do but remove the limb. An insider from the pop star’s hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana told Page Six:

“He had a knee replacement and got a terrible infection from it.”

The amputation was “a last resort.” Jeez. What a nightmare!

As Perezcious readers may recall, this comes after previous Page Six reports claimed the businessman “lost more than 25 pounds” while dealing with complications from a knee replacement done in the mid-2000s. Despite the latest surgery, the 71-year-old is “not doing well” today, TMZ revealed. And it’s not just the life-altering medical crisis that’s wearing him down. He’s also bummed out by the onslaught of criticism he’s dealt with following his leadership of the Grammy winner’s controversial conservatorship — something he thinks is unfair. Of course he would…

Interestingly, because of the intense health emergency, Britney — who has understandably been very estranged from her allegedly abusive father — is reportedly considering a reconciliation with him. What?!?

Since having the opportunity to process her traumas and express her feelings in her memoir, the Baby One More Time singer has supposedly softened to the idea of reconnecting with her family. Where her father is concerned, she misses him and has considered sending him money to help him get through this tough time. TBH, this says a LOT considering she’s blasted him for allegedly using her as a cash cow much of her life!!

Now, it doesn’t sound like anything’s happened yet. But the Toxic artist has been making amends with the rest of her family, including extending an olive branch to lil sis Jamie Lynn Spears recently. So, she’s certainly committed to healing her family feud. As for how Jamie feels about this possibility, the sources said he wants nothing more than to be back on good terms with his eldest daughter, for whom he has no ill will. But considering they are still battling it out in court over conservatorship allegations, it’s hard to know if they could truly reconcile until that’s done. Or what the legal repercussions would be if they suddenly mended fences.

Either way, we are sending healing vibes to Jamie after the amputation. And we hope Britney does whatever is best for her and her mental health moving forward with this messy relationship. Thoughts? Let us know (below).

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