Britney Spears Has No Interest In OnlyFans Despite Stripper Pole, Sexual Videos

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Britney Spears isn’t looking to cash in on OnlyFans — despite the fact she’s now a single lady who’s really into showing off her naked body these days … TMZ has learned.

There’ve been A LOT of people chirping these past few weeks about the prospect of Britney joining the exclusive, member-paying service — which tends to host users’ raunchy content, oftentimes with big bucks to follow — but we’re hearing that just ain’t gonna happen for her.

Sources close to Britney tell us … an OF account isn’t going to materialize in Britney’s future anytime soon — even though we know Britney is aware there’s a yearning for her to hop on.

Even before her estranged husband, Sam Asghari, recently filed for divorce — folks assumed this might be something BS would entertain … especially after her erotic pole dance routine went viral. BTW, we’re told Britney only uses that thing for cardio and for strengthening her core … not for actual stripping.

Alas, those would-be customers who’d die to see her bare it all are out of luck … ’cause our sources are firm — Britney is NOT interested in OF, as she doesn’t want to be associated with the explicit side of the platform (aka, porn).

Yes, she is very free with her body — as we’ve seen since Sam decided he wanted to end the marriage — but she’s clearly not cool with making that big jump and only shows what she’s comfortable with on her own terms.

Here’s the kicker on all this …. our Britney sources tell us OnlyFans actually reached out to Britney — and did so prior to all this speculation. We’re told they contacted her team about 6 months ago and kick-started some initial convos about her joining the site.

But, in the end, though … she passed. Her fans will just have to settle for her IG posts.

Britney Spears' Nude Selfies

As we’ve reported … Britney is in a bit of a dicey place right now as she and Sam navigate the divorce — we’ve learned her support system has all but vanished … and she’s incredibly isolated of late, which some feel isn’t the best environment for her.

And yet, based on how she’s been behaving … you’d never think anything was amiss.

Sam Asghari and Britney Spears Happier Times

Britney’s been putting on show after show after show in various forms — and is powering through the split with a smile, and a lot of skin. That’s all anyone’s getting for now, though.

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