Claim to Fame Season 2 Finale: Our Best Guesses For Final 4 Celebrity Relatives Based on Clues & Online Sleuths


TONIGHT (August 28) is the night – the two hour season two finale of Claim to Fame is here!

There are four out of the original 12 contestants remaining, whose celebrity relatives have to be revealed, though the clues have added up, and there have been guesses on the show as to who person is related to.

ICYMI: They all have to adhere to these rules to be on the show!

The final four – Monay, Gabriel, Karsyn and Chris – have been living together in a house, concealing their true identity and trying to uncover who each other is related to.

Each contestant has been competing for the $100,000 grand prize and the chance to step out of their relative’s shadow and their own “Claim to Fame.”

Ahead of the season finale, we’re taking a look at all of the clues and what people have guessed for each, and we have our best guess on who is who.

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