Drag Queen Who Performed at Lauren Boebert's 'Beetlejuice' Date's Bar Speaks Out

The drag queen who performed at the bar owned by the guy who was fondling Rep. Lauren Boebert‘s boobs last week says contrary to Boebert’s claim, that date wasn’t #1.

TMZ talked to Kendra Matic … who was the lone drag performer who took the stage at Quinn Gallagher‘s Aspen bar back in January, and she gave us a LOT of previously unknown insight into this whole saga.

For starters, KM tells us she 100% stands behind Quinn — whom she says is a great guy who she would definitely work with again if he called her for another drag show. Kendra says the gig earlier this year went really well … and insists QG’s got a good heart.

It’s because of how fond she is of Quinn that Kendra can’t understand his relationship with the Republican congresswoman — and yes, we’re using that term specifically here.

As it turns out — according to Kendra, anyway — Boebert and Gallagher had actually been seeing each other for a while … something Kendra says quite a few people in the area were aware of. So, the notion this was a first-time hookup, as Boebert hinted, appears to be bogus.

Rep. Lauren Boebert, Theater Date's Bar Flooded with Negative Reviews

Rep. Lauren Boebert, Theater Date's Bar Flooded with Negative Reviews

We’ll let Kendra talk for herself here on what she can and can’t reveal about the gossip around town over RLB and Quinn — but let’s just say … a small town talks!

Now, on Boebert herself … Kendra tells us she’s done her homework and seen some of the nasty things the representative has said about LGBTQ+ issues — and she’s disappointed that Quinn is into a person like that.

With that said … Kendra isn’t turning her back on her dude. She’s just condemning Boebert specifically. Talk about hot tea in the Rockies — this story just keeps on giving!

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