Duran Duran Share Video For 'Danse Macabre' Title Track

Duran Duran recently shared the official music video for their latest track and album namesake Danse Macabre.

With creative director Linc Gasking at the helm, this new clip showcases cutting-edge, AI-driven techniques, resulting in a 3D animated masterpiece.

Speaking about the video, keyboardist Nick Rhodes reveals, “I like the idea that if you can imagine something you can make it come to life, well at least in animated form… With the Danse Macabre video we did exactly that. We began by deciding who would be on the ultimate Halloween party guest list, then a selection of witches, mythical beasts, vampires and demons were rapidly developed, using the latest AI animation techniques.”

“I was truly astonished when I first started to see the results,” he adds. “It was something that would have previously taken a team months in an animation studio, but it was all happening almost instantly in front of our eyes.”

“Over a period of a few days we created a whole new universe populated with beautifully strange inhabitants to celebrate the release of Danse Macabre, with a gothic dream.”

Catalyzed by one special live performance that Duran Duran filmed in Las Vegas on October 31 last year, Danse Macabre is the soundtrack to their ultimate Halloween party.

Danse Macabre will be released on October 27 via Tape Modern for BMG.

(Photo: Stephanie Pistel)

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