Emma Roberts Accused Of Transphobia On Set Of American Horror Story!

Is Emma Roberts transphobic?!

The actor is coming under fire after her former co-star Angelica Ross called her out for an alleged incident on the set of American Horror Story: 1984 back in 2018!

During an Instagram Live on Tuesday, the actress, who is a trans woman, recalled the horrific time she had working opposite the Scream Queens alum. During a break between filming, she said, Angelica said Emma called over their co-star John Carroll Lynch, making up a fake fight in the process, saying:

“She goes, ‘John, Angelica’s being mean.’ And I know she’s not being for real for real, she’s just being whatever. And John is like, ‘Ok, ladies, you know, that’s enough, let’s, you know, get back to work.’ She then looks at me. She goes — she goes, ‘Don’t you mean lady.’”

Correcting him with the singular, implying Angelica ISN’T a lady?!


Emma allegedly then turned away while covering her face with her shirt, but Angelica still had a clear view of her through the camera:

“I’m standing there looking her deadass in the damn , and I’m like, trying to process the f**k she just said. I’m standing there and she walked away. My blood is boiling. Boiling!”

Was she covering her face because she was laughing?? WTF?! On another occasion, she recalled Emma insulting her voice — making sure to drop it “several octaves.” As a trans woman, Angelica was made to feel “self conscious” about her voice from then on. Oof.

Unfortunately, Angelica never reported the confrontations because she didn’t think she would be supported:

“If I say something, it’s gon’ be me that’s the problem. I know this because there was someone who spoke up about what she was doing and they got repercussions from it. Not her, they did.”

NOT okay!

The Pose star went on to insist the Holidate alum “irritated” almost “every actor” on set and made “folks like they wanted to fight her all the time because she was playing psychological” and “mind games” on set. She also allegedly asked them what they were all making, seemingly to ensure no one was being paid more than her.

After the misgendering incident, the Framing Agnes star decided right then and there that she was never going to speak to Emma again — unless they were actively filming a scene — and she followed through with that even when the 32-year-old started to pick up on the negative “energy.” Whoa.

Hear her detail her allegations in full (below).

Damn. These are some nasty accusations! But why is she speaking out now?

Well, Angelica has since had a falling out with AHS creator Ryan Murphy. She explained in a tweetstorm on Monday how she had been developing a season idea full of Black female leads, and Ryan was receptive — enough that she was locked into a contract for it! But then he ghosted her, leaving her stuck in the contract, unable to do anything else! She says it was then that Marvel called for her to play a role — and she wasn’t allowed! No wonder she’s burning those AHS bridges now and spilling all the piping hot tea!

Emma hasn’t spoken out about the claims yet… Thoughts?! Sound OFF (below)!

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