EXCLUSIVE: Bianca Censori's friends are 'extremely concerned'

EXCLUSIVE: Bianca Censori’s friends are ‘extremely concerned’ about her behavior after graphic boat display with Kanye West in Venice – and fear rapper is ‘trying to turn her into radicalized version of ex-wife Kim Kardashian’

  • Kanye, 46, and Bianca, 28, ‘wed’ in an unofficial ceremony in January 
  • A police investigation is underway over their lewd conduct on a boat in Italy 
  • Kanye exposed his buttocks while Bianca sat in between his legs in a compromising position during an outing in Venice 
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Friends of Kanye West’s so-called ‘wife’ Bianca Censori have grown ‘extremely concerned’ about her bizarre behavior in recent months – and fear the rapper is manipulating her into a ‘radicalized’ version of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. 

Kanye, 46, and Bianca, 28, have sparked scandal after scandal during a recent trip to Italy – with the controversy reaching new heights when the pair were caught engaging in a risque act during a boat ride in Venice while the rapper bared his naked buttocks in public. 

Their bizarre behavior has prompted fury from Italian locals and sparked a police investigation into their lewd conduct on the boat – while also prompting grave concern from Bianca’s inner circle, who insist that this is not who she really is, but rather a result of Kanye’s influencer over her. 

‘Bianca is stuck and her friends are trying to save her, but no one can because of the blockades Kayne has put up [around her],’ a close friend of Bianca’s told DailyMail.com.

‘Everyone is extremely concerned. This isn’t who she is. She is an incredibly outspoken and lively person who is never one to keep her mouth shut.

Friends of Bianca Censori, 28, are ‘extremely concerned’ amid an ongoing police investigation into her lewd behavior with Kanye West, 46, on a boat ride in Venice, Italy (pictured) 

Last week, Kanye was seen flashing his naked derrière during a very amorous boat ride with Bianca – an incident that has since prompted an investigation by Italian authorities

‘But she has no one right now and it is scary.’ 

Bianca, who was hired as the Head of Architecture for Yeezy, was first linked to Kanye back in January 2023 – just months after his divorce from ex-wife Kim was finalized. During his marriage to Kim, Kanye often referred to her as his ‘muse’ and heavily influenced her fashion choices. 

Friends feel that he is doing to same to Bianca. 

‘Kanye is trying to make Bianca into a radicalized version of Kim – almost like Kim 2.0,’ the source insists. ‘The difference is that when Kim was with Kanye he was respected in the fashion world. He has since lost this respect.’ 

In October 2022, Kanye’s fall from grace began when he wore a White Lives Matter T-shirt to his YZY SZN 9 fashion show in Paris. 

The following month, he began a tirade of horrific anti-sematic remarks on Twitter, which led to him getting dropped by Adidas and Gap, whose lucrative collaboration with Kanye led to billions of dollars in profit. 

The friend tells DailyMail.com, ‘Bianca knew what she was getting into when she started dating Kanye. But she found him charming.’ 

Certainly on the surface, it appears that the rapper’s ‘charm’ has worn down for Bianca; images of her taken during their Italian getaway show her looking somber and often with her face turned down.

DailyMail.com has contacted Kanye and Bianca’s spokespersons for comment.  

Unhappily ever after: ‘This isn’t who she is. She is stuck,’ a source tells DailyMail.com of Bianca (pictured with Kanye in Italy last month in a controversial ‘naked’ outfit) 

Karbon Kopy: ‘Kanye is trying to make Bianca into a radicalized version of his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian,’ the pal says

Signs that Kanye and Bianca were an item first appeared in December when Kanye released a song called ‘Censori Overload.’ On January 9, they were both spotted wearing gold bands while having lunch in Beverly Hills. 

After news of their marriage, which DailyMail.com has reported was not official because they never obtained a marriage certificate, Bianca’s social media presence completely disappeared.  

On Facebook, an account existed under the username ‘bibi.censori’ and the page name ‘Bibi Bonk’, but it became inactive after their non-legally-binding union. It is not confirmed that the account belongs to Bianca.

The account features one photograph of Bianca, uploaded as a profile picture on October 26, 2021, but it does not appear to have posted since then.

There is further confusion surrounding her online presence as a link to an interview with Bianca and Yeezy’s Tanil Raif and Abe Salman appears to have been removed.

When clicking on the link that took users to her Instagram, it now says, ‘Page Not Found. Sorry the page you were looking for cannot be found.’

At the time, Bianca’s resemblance to Kim was uncanny, including striking similarities in their gorgeous face and voluptuous bodies. 

Shortly after they ‘wed’, Bianca chopped her long brown hair off and dyed it blonde. Her outfit choices then began slowly changing into more risky ensembles, which were clearly a result of Kanye’s over-the-top fashion preferences. 

None were as risky as her outfit choices in Italy last week. Among them was the outrageous nude catsuit – which saw her forced to cover her nipples with a black cross-body bag.

The couple have already made headlines for their odd wardrobe choices, with critics taking aim at Bianca for ‘going around virtually naked’ in Venice (seen here) 

According to the source, Bianca (in Italy last month) is being guarded by ‘blockades’ put up by her YEEZY rapper husband 

Seeing double: Bianca (left) has  dyed her hair blonde but as a brunette she was a dead ringer for Kanye’s ex-wife Kim  (right) 

According to major tourism website CIU Travel, locals found it ‘offensive’ to see visitors ‘wandering the streets in varying states of undress.’

The website reads: ‘Walking around in beach attire or, worse, shirtless, is a huge no-no in Italy, unless you have your feet buried deep in the sand.’

It is not only Bianca’s fashion choices that has caused issues with the Italians, but also their actions. 

Kanye and Bianca were being investigated by the police in Italy after being caught on-camera in compromising positions while on a boat tour. 

Karbon Kopies of Kim! A look at Kanye West’s romantic history 

In photos published by DailyMail.com, Kanye exposed his buttocks while on a river taxi tour with Bianca. Seated in the back of a water taxi.

Bianca was seen seated in between the rapper’s legs with her head on his lap. The photos are quite alarming due to the fact that the rapper’s pants were unbuttoned at the time – as evidenced by the fact that his entire backside was exposed. 

Police have identified the driver of the taxi they were on and he is expected to be questioned in the next few days about what exactly he saw on the boat.

Police are also asking for photographers to hand over the images that went around the world.

A Venice police source told MailOnline.com, ‘There are standards of public decorum that have to be followed by tourists and locals alike and any breaches are severely punished.

‘The images of West with his trousers down while in a taxi as he and his partner crossed the lagoon were seen all over the globe.

‘You could clearly see his trousers were half down and we have received complaints from people who witnessed it. Now we have identified the driver of the boat and we will be asking him what he saw as well.

‘The images show the couple clearly in a state of intimacy and if the local prosecutor decides to press charges then we will notify the couple, most probably through the relevant embassies.

‘The offence being investigated is acts contrary to public decency which is punishable by an administrative sanction.’

Venetian officials have also expressed outrage – hardly surprising considering the city issues fines for infractions like swimming in the canals, open air picnics and sprawling on the steps of public buildings.

Elisabetta Pesce, councillor for public security in Venice, told MailOnline: ‘Without any shadow of doubt what we saw from the couple was a lack of respect for Venice, which is the most enchanting city in the world.’

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