George Washington Handwritten Letter from Presidency for Sale, Vowed 'Justice'

An important piece of American history is hitting the auction block … George Washington‘s letter setting the stage for future presidents and the country, and it’s expected to fetch 7 figures!!!

Washington wrote and signed the letter in March 1789 at his Mount Vernon estate, just a few weeks before he took the oath of office to become America’s first President. In the correspondence with a Naval officer in Philadelphia, GW vows to “make justice and public good my sole objects” during his presidency.

This literal national treasure is going up for sale through the good folks over at Gotta Have Rock and Roll … and the auction house tells us it’s expecting the winning bid to be at least $1 million.

The auction goes live today and ends September 22 … and someone’s gonna drop a lot of dead presidents on this artifact.

As we first reported, George has had a couple items hit the auction block over the years … like locks of his hair and his proclamation making Thanksgiving an official holiday … and this letter is right up there in terms of significance.

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